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When we mention to PaniPani game, the most interesting point of the game is that level system is not available, so players can only increase the fighting power of their characters by increasing skills. In addition, you can improve equipment and weapons for the character as well.

PaniPani APK download for Android (Mod Money/Full Unlocked)

Recently, COLOPL Company has created the White Cat Project, which has made a trend in Japan, has officially launched its latest mobile game named PaniPani (Mod APK). COLOPL is known as the place where produced White Cat Project, which is very famous in the Japanese market. This game is a simulation Side-Scrolling action familiar horizontal screen, which has been very successful on the NES or Gameboy before. Like previous COLOPL products, PaniPani requires only one finger to control the character. The player will transform into one of two high school students, Thor or Kaguya, to begin the adventure of defeating the dark king to save the world. The plot of the game is set in a fantasy world, in which 13 high school students are surrounded by a ray of light and lead to another world. From here, the player has the task of playing one of two protagonists, Thor and Kaguya, to begin a journey defeating the bloodthirsty Dark Lord. Although PaniPani is an open world game that still carries the missions system throughout the adventure to help players in the right direction.

On the control system, the player can use the virtual key to move the character and tap on the enemy on the screen to attack. The advantage is that you have not to tap on the monsters once again to attack because the first time the game has automatically locked the target. When the player is unfortunately destroyed, the character becomes weak and unable to fight. At this time, the player must wait for the character to come back to the last “checkpoint” to continue fighting. Another interesting point of PaniPani is that the game is also not equipped with a level system, so players can only increase the fighting strength of their character by increasing skills index. In addition, you can improve equipment and weapons for the character as well.

Although PaniPani is an open world title game, however, the game still offers tasks throughout the journey to indirectly help gamers navigate their way. In addition, the game is also not equipped with level systems, players can only improve the character’s combat abilities by increasing skill and ability points, as well as enhancing equipment and weapons to the highest level.

Currently, PaniPani has officially released the global version and you can download PaniPani APK mod that we provide below.


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