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Paladins Strike is the mobile version of the traditional MOBA 5v5 FPS style of Paladins PC game. Being labeled as a “free copy of Overwatch” since its launched time, Paladins has been very successful on the worldwide market and has reached the top 10 of most popular Steam games. So today we will bring to you the latest mod money version of Paladins Strike, of course, it’s totally free.

Paladins Strike Mod Money APK download latest

With free of charge and extremely competitive characteristics, Paladins Strike has attracted a lot of players from all platforms such as PC or console, and now it is on mobile. The qualities are very close to a MOBA game, Hi-Rez Studios has recently announced the mobile spin-off project from this shooter brand. Accordingly, the Paladins Strike will bring the general design and skills from Paladins blending in traditional MOBA style with a top-down perspective.

Unlike most of the PC enthusiasts, the Paladins Strike is optimized to the mobile platform. With the focus on exploiting the traditional perspective of the MOBA genre, Paladins Strike is expected to re-enact and promote the essence of his elite on the mobile platform. Accordingly, participating in the Paladins Strike, gamers will be immersed in 5vs5 dramatic and attractive matches like the PC version. The player’s task is to conquer the necessary points on the map, then proceed to destroy the base of the enemy team and at the same time protect the stronghold of his side.

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With a 15 different heroes group and will be increased in the future when the port directly from the PC through, you can freely select the skill system and combat mechanism completely in line with your teammates. What is more difficult to achieve when shooting first-person viewpoints such as the Paladins PC. The battles in Paladins Strike mod money are fast and fun, as both sides must occupy the base so this becomes a very hot spot, forcing the player to focus and bombard the enemy. This point. In addition, the mobile version also has beautiful 3D graphics platform animated cartoon.

In addition, the Paladins Strike Mod Money will bring most of the iconic PC cast to Mobile. Currently, there are 15 different Heroes with the weapons system, skill system and combat mechanism completely similar to the previous version. Besides that, a comprehensive and intuitive third perspective will be of great help to the player while fighting, in coordination with his team-mates.

Paladins Strike is similar to its predecessor on PC, Download Paladins Strike is also free, and released for both iOS and Android. You can download the version of this game completely free of charge under the download link below.


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