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PAKO is a fun game on the mobile with unique gameplay, which promises to bring players the dangerous race with a non-brake car. PAKO 2 is the sequel that has just released with similar gameplay, improved graphics and context to make the game more attractive.

PAKO 2 MOD APK for Android

The context of PAKO 2 is also built quite similar to the first version, in which the player will use the non-brake and jammed accelerator car, you will constantly accelerate the car and can only press the left or right turn the steering wheel. With that limited control, you have to hit the hammock on the busy highway for escaping from the police. Especially, you have to avoid rockets from the tank when strayed into the military base. Just a small wrong touch, your car will explode and the game will be over immediately. The rankings will appear for you to check your achievements and play again immediately to keep up the excitement. The racing locations in the game are diversified. PAKO 2 offers various levels of play such as freeways, parking lots, memorials, military bases… Each stage has its own means of transport with different speeds. Accompanied by the unique features of the game stage, the game will make the intensive feature of the game is significantly increased. The players need to have a reasonable strategy based on the type of car and field to obtain the highest score. The biggest difference from the first version is probably the graphic element of the game. Thanks to the additional effects and details on the object, the game is more explicit and detailed, contributing to the increase the attraction for the game.

Key features of the game:

  • Choosing your car and participating in unique races.
  • Fun and unique gameplay
  • Easy control
  • Abundant tasks for the players
  • The huge map with many challenges
  • Beautiful 3D graphics with the top-down vision
  • Global rankings

You can download Pako 2 now. At present, PAKO 2 has been released worldwide on mobile devices for both Android and iOS. However, it is important that the Android version will be free-2-play but will include the ads in the game. For the iOS system, the player needs to spend $ 2.99 to buy the game.


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