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Paddington Run is Gameloft’s latest action game based on the animated cartoon “Paddington Bear”. Join the endless adventure journey with this lovely bear in the city of London is bustling much interesting but dangerous.

Paddington™ Run Mod APK Unlimited Money/Full unlocked for Android

Paddington is a comic cartoon about a bear from the Peruvian jungle that has a great passion for Britain. Many years ago, an English explorer came to Peru and discovered a beautiful world in the jungle where bears could speak like the human. The bear family has welcomed the explorer warmly, who taught the bear about the culture and lifestyle of the London. He also promised to give the warm welcome to bear family if they visit the capital of England. However, many years later, the cataclysm arrived with the bear family, Lucy’s aunt decided to send Paddington to London to find out the explorer. Paddington carries a lot of orange jam to eat along the road and as the gift to the explorer. However, when he arrived in London, the little bear realized that things were not the same as in the adventures of the explorer. The politeness, warmth of the London people seems to have belonged to the past, rather busy, crowded and lethargic, despite Paddington’s gentle to the people in the platform.

Fortunately, at the end of the day, Paddington met the Brown family and was taken home. However, due to unfamiliarity with the city life, Paddington caused a lot of trouble for the whole family. From here, the journey of Paddington in London begins humorously to escape from Milicent Clyde, who want to stuff all the animal. Due to the overwhelming appeal of the film, Gameloft has been quick to capitalize on this opportunity to create Paddington’s never-ending adventure game, Paddington Run Mod Money. The game is built in the endless-runner style, with humor, fun, and challenging equally attractive film. Enjoy the endlessly fun adventure inspired by the Paddington bear movie.

In this playground, you will run through the busy streets of London to collect delicious marmalades, overcome the tough riddles and unlock exciting new features in levels. Along the way, you will find a lot of different outfits, handy boots and mysterious boxes, which will help you conquer the challenge. Whether you are a kid or an adult, you will love the fun mini-games scattered throughout the game time to help you collect more orange and token!

Key features of Paddington™ Run (Mod APK):

Easy and fun gameplay:

  • Simple game mechanics for everyone.
  • Play with the abundant challenges.
  • The smooth play brings players the enjoyable experience.
  • Play shortcuts wherever you are.

Explore London:

  • Run through the bustling streets of London.
  • Visit famous London landmarks and visit Paddington’s home in Windsor Gardens.
  • Avoid the typical black taxis and buses in this city.
  • Pick up supports to help Paddington in the process of adventure. Run through London’s hilarious, fun places. Discover many cool mini games.
  • Run through the busy places of London

Apparel, boots, and mini-games:

  • Do you like new outfits? The game has more than 18 outfits for the player to collect, each with its own unique advantage.
  • Booster upgrades help Paddington get more tokens, jump through troubles, and simplify most challenges.
  • Discover small games scattered at each stage to unlock Watercraft, Skateboards and more fun games.

Reach to the top of playing chard:

  • Challenge friends to beat your score.
  • Become the leader of the road, time, jam and tokens you achieve.
  • Protect your No. 1 position on the global or regional rankings and win great prizes.
  • Are you ready to run? Start the fun, right now!

The game is available in English, Portuguese, Korean, Indonesian, Russian, Japanese, French, Thai, Turkish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic.

Important note:

You can download and play Paddington Run Mod APK for free. But please note that this game also allows you to play in virtual currency, which can be earned by playing games, or watching certain ads, or paying with real money. Virtual money can be purchased by using a credit card or other form of payment related to your account when entering your Google Play account password. This game contains ads for Gameloft products or third parties. They will redirect you to third-party websites. You can turn off the ad by using your device’s settings menu. This option can be found in the menu of Settings -> Privacy -> Ads.

Some parts of the game require players to connect to the Internet. The new feature in version 1.0.5 is for fixing some minor bugs.


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