Pacific Warships: Online 3D War Shooter

Pacific Warships – Sea war game for mobile

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Pacific Warships – Sea war game for mobile

Pacific Warships is a sea war game for mobile that takes players to dramatic naval battles, in Pacific Warships you will command a naval fleet and confront many enemies in the Pacific.

Pacific Warships is a competition among gamers around the world in multi-player naval battles. Combining tactics to combat the extreme abilities of warships. Master the perfect attacks to become the greatest commander.

Pacific Warships simulates a fierce modern war. Become the commander of your fleet, fight with other opponents on the sea and win. In Pacific Warships, players will be provided with a variety of modern weapons and warships. Enough to submerge the enemy with a tsunami full of trick names and torpedoes in real-time PvP battles. Besides, you also need to collect warships in the harbor to form the best fleet.

Pacific Warships: Online 3D War Shooter

Pacific Warships is a great online multiplayer shooter game on mobile. As a seasoned captain, you gather your fleet of ships and are ready to deploy combat tactics, sinking your opponents in real-time 6v6 PvP battles in 7 different seas. In order to do this, players are equipped with countless powerful weapons, artillery and warships to fight the enemy, pouring rain of missiles and torpedoes on the enemy.

Battle Warship is also a sea war game featuring epic battleships and battles, and Battle Warship’s mission is to fight pirates and gamers around the world to dominate the ocean. Beginning the game, you need to collect ships at a seaport to form the best fleet, from the Atlantics to the Pacific belt, ready to face the enemy in the ocean war. Make an effort to gain victory in this challenging battle.

Pacific Warships possesses extremely authentic graphics. The game works on mid-range devices. Besides an easy control mechanism, players can quickly start a naval battle with intuitive controls and a simple interface.

Pacific Warships: Online 3D War Shooter

Features of Pacific Warships game:

– Many online players

Compete with other players’ fleets from around the world in a multiplayer battlefield.

– Stunning 3D graphics

Pacific Warships is the most realistic picture-based game on mobile, giving you a true, most eye-catching war experience. However, the game still runs smoothly on weak devices.

– The possibilities

Actively implement wise combat tactics based on the unique ability of warships. Make accurate shots and become the best naval commander in the future world.

– System upgrade

Upgrade ships and gun emplacements to become strong and win any conflict. You can choose between a series of guns, missiles, improved frames and ships to turn the battleship into the ultimate war weapon. All upgrades are aimed at changing the appearance and armor for ships.

– Captain’s skill

Improve your stats by studying skill trees. Learn new skills and sink enemy ships quickly.

– Fleet

Players have the opportunity to interact with a series of super-designed warships such as Arrow, Avenger, Spearhead and Eclipse… The ships are divided into several classes, from light destroyers to battleships and dreadnaught. looks like a floating fortress in the ocean.

– Score

Form an alliance to fight with your allies and don’t let your enemies steal your points.

– Lightning war

Form a naval team with other ships by selecting the ships that match your tactics. The goal is to detect, scout and sink enemy ships in a melee or remote attack.

– Advanced matchmaking mechanism

All clashes in the game are automatically matched. All the players need to do is click the FIGHT button and the opponent will be automatically selected to confront you.

– Easy game control

Control system of Pacific Warships game is intuitive and easy, extremely easy to learn.

– Customize graphic quality for weak devices

If you own a weakly configured phone, adjust the graphics accordingly so that the game runs smoothly and the best picture.

Pacific Warships: Online 3D War Shooter

Pacific Warships multi-player shooter is provided completely free for you to download and enjoy. For the best gaming experience when not catching wifi, make sure your dynamic data connection is stable and other applications use the least bandwidth.




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