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Overhit is a high-quality, turn-based simulation mobile game developed and released by Nat Games creator under the support of Nexon. Nexon is one of the most popular game publishers in Korea with the most popular android games like BatleJack, Heir of Light …

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Nexon Korea has posted a trailer for a new Android game, and it was officially released as Overhit. The game was created using The latest Unreal Engine 4 graphics technology promises to give the charming 3D visuals and the best gaming experience for the player.

Overhit is a turn-based game that possesses a cinematic graphics style and is released by Nexon for both Google Play app store and the App Store. Playing the game, players will be immersed in the adventures of forgotten heroes. With the mission together to save the homeland from being destroyed by the attack of evil forces outside the Earth.


As a turn-based simulation game is quite familiar, so what the players need to do is gather and recruit yourself a lot of powerful Heroes and use them to create a quality team. There are up to 130 different heroes. New heroes will be unlocked after certain levels or you can get them when you open the gift box.

Abundant of characters are displayed in the form of cards divided into different power levels in the Overhit, which is quite familiar. Similar to other games of the same genre, Overhit also has the usual features such as enhancement, leveling, etc. Players can get through these features to empower their characters to help the task becomes easier.

Overhit APK game focuses on the Campaign PvE mode when up to 150 tasks with the unique storyline. In addition, when the player reaches certain level levels, the system will unlock new modes and new features, which will help you increase the stats and attributes of each character. In addition to the PvE mission, Overhit also offers various modes such as PvP multiplayer fiends or unlimited dungeons, guilds, guilds, Arena, etc. Overhit is priced by Nexon 13 million dollars to obtain the right to release the global version of the game.

In addition, Overhit also allows players to play PvP with friends, other players in the world to be honored on the table as well as confirm the strength of your team. You can download the overhit right now with the link we provide, which is released for free on Android.


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