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Orbia is the latest Android game, which was released by JOX Development LLC for free on the Play Store. The game has an attractive interface and simple arcade gameplay that will surely bring you exciting experiences. When participating in the game. You will use simple touch-and-drop controls to bring the main character a cute creature through all the levels from easy to hard and to receive valuable rewards in the game.

Orbia APK (Mod) for Android

In fact, arcade games are always the first choice for players who enjoy light entertainment. With simple but interesting gameplay, these games are slowly gaining momentum for releasing stress in a short time. Orbia is a game like that when you join the game, it requires precision, quick reflexes, and rhythmic coordination to be able to overcome more than 40 levels in the game thanks to the simple control movements allowing players to focus fully on the trajectory and travel time of the character. If you are looking for a leisure game at halftime, please refer to the article below.


Orbia takes the player into a colorful fantasy world, in which the player controls the main character as a pretty-looking creature. The game does not have a specific storyline, you will immediately control your character and explore the world in the game. This is a common feature in these genres.

Gameplay and difficulty level

Orbia owns the simple gameplay. Your character is guarded by a white circle, your task is to take him to jump over other safe areas that are protected by strange creatures. They move around the circle and leave only in a small space, you have to choose the right time to control the character moving through the crevasse. If you touch those creatures, you will have to play again.

The levels in the game are designed in sequence, by jumping through a certain amount of safe areas. You will reach a new level. If you accidentally hit the obstacles, your character will fall back. The starting line is the closest level you can reach. Each safe area will contain a random item, which may be Crystal for protecting you absolutely. The players will have to collect as many crystals as possible. You can be used to unlock new characters or buy other interesting items in the game. The difficulty will be increased by the level. You can see in the first 10-20 level, everything goes smoothly, but when things get more complicated, the creatures Roadblocks will move faster and they will appear at higher densities. With just 1 second slower in the game that you have to replay from the beginning. The game now offers 400 levels with many challenges. You will spend a lot of time completing all these levels. However, as a pure game, so you can open and play games anytime, maybe for a short time.

Graphics and Sound

Orbia graphics are really impressive to players, minimalism is the first thing you can notice in it. The main character is simply designed with highlights of the eyes. Orbia is divided into the small worlds, players are free to explore these lands by completing levels. Each world is built with individual features. Besides, in each world, you have the opportunity to find and unlock a new character with a unique shape. The background music is also impressive, they also vary by level in the game, bringing the excitement to the player.


Orbia is currently available for free on both Android and iOS platforms, featuring simple gameplay, beautiful graphics, a massive gaming world with over 400 levels and more updates. Download and experience the game with the links we provide below!


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