OnPipe –  Hold to slice things

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OnPipe –  Hold to slice things

Experience relaxing gaming time with OnPipe game for Android. What you have to do is eliminate all objects sticking on a long pipe in each level to set your own score record.


OnPipe for Android challenges the player’s reflexes with easy-to-understand but hard-to-conquer gameplay. You can imagine the gameplay of this game is like you separate corn kernels from the cob. However, instead of using your bare hands, you will use a useful tool surrounding the core to pluck a series of corn seeds at once.Each level has an endless pipe with all kinds of colorful items stuck to it, and its your job to slice them off. Just tap the screen to close a ring around the pipe and start destroying everything in your path!

Not only the corn, but players also have to remove many other objects attached to a long tube like soap, petals or plants. If it were simply to harvest or remove such items, then the game would not be that interesting. The challenge of the game is how you control the tool to reach the destination at the end of each stage in each game screen.


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OnPipe for Android has simple controls. You just need to touch the screen to make the tool shrink and remove all objects from the pipe. Then, release your hands in time to avoid the colorful but dangerous pipes, which are “laid out” along the way to challenge your reflexes. If you accidentally touch these pipes, you will lose and have to start the current level again.


Each level has a ruler that looks like a cup on the top right of the screen. This cup will be filled every time you remove objects on the pipe and go to the finish line after one or more levels. When the cup is full, players will receive some bonuses to unlock new types of pipes in the store.

Main Features
– Simple and pleasing
– Addictive gameplay
– Easy control
– Variable things to slice
– Impressive visual effects

OnPipe OnPipe

To go deeper into the game and achieve impressive scores, you will need to focus as much as possible. With only a second of neglect, you can lose the results you have worked hard to get. Download OnPipe for Android and experience the relaxing game time today!

Link Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playstrom.onpipe


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