Onmyoji Arena 3.57.0

Onmyoji Arena 3.57.0 MOD APK

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Onmyoji Arena 3.57.0 MOD APK

Onmyoji Arena is a MOBA game in the Onmyoji game series from China’s top gaming company – NetEase. This game is considered a non-story version and is built on the basis of rich characters from the original artwork for creating a new and exciting MOBA experience to MOBA gamers. Right now, you can download the Onmyoji Arena, which is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms.

Familiar MOBA Gameplay

In Onmyoji Arena, players will be involved in a 5v5 battle with Shikigami simulators of the Onmyoji world. The map in the game is full of key elements with 3 lanes, creep. Each character in the game will have the different level system, plus skill and equipment.
Onmyoji Arena brings a familiar character system, in which player can choose iconic characters from the original, such as Tengu, Ubume and Ibarakidouji. Of course, each character will have 4 default skills and 2 common skills as in LOL.
Therefore, if you have ever experienced the original, you will feel quite familiar and quickly catch up with the gameplay in this new game. Each Shikigami in the game has different roles, including main damage, defense or support … Full understanding of the abilities, as well as strength/weakness of each Shikigami, will be the most important thing if you want to win.

Balance in the match

Like the games in the same series, Onmyoji Arena still brings players to Kyoto city in the Heian period with classic and gloomy graphics. With an innovative map design, Fog of War mode and even more powerful Shikigami skills, players will have more exciting and challenging battles to gain ultimate control. The paid amulet system is now replaced by the free Onmyodo system. The players are connected and Battle Royale 3v3v3 games offer gamers a new, exciting MOBA experience.
Onmyoji is still a classic Kyoto style, from Onmyoji to Japanese specific voices to give players a more enjoyable gaming experience. The world in Onmyoji Arena is full of dangerous enemies. Players will be selected for the character and their team to fight against these opponents. Now, all players can combine Onmyoji Arena skills in their own way. Based on their strategy, gamers can combine Onmyoji abilities, add another change to the game. Furthermore, the IPA system will not affect the outcome of the match. Everything is fair. The victory is only for those who have the best skills with a bit luck.

New points

However, the game has two more monsters, Orochi and Kraken, who keep two parts of the map. The defeat of each monster brings your team a certain advantage, such as the Orochi effect on the soldiers or the Kraken can summon to attack directly on the opposing pole. In addition, Onmyoji Arena also possesses a magic system that favors each style. For example, Flash allows you to teleport instantly to any of the allied pillars on the map or to control the monsters. However, with the different types of spells, the players can easily change their own tactics.


As a MOBA game, Onmyoji Arena is designed in order for anyone can participate in the game without being affected by the different game modes or the time. The game is also built with beautiful 3D graphics platform in high detail. It is not the best in the current mobile games, but the game can still meet your high-quality technical elements. In particular, the character dubbed will remain unchanged by the famous “seiyuu”, which is a great attraction for those who love the anime style. If you love mobile MOBA games, we recommend you try AOV 5vs5 and WAR SOng Mobile.


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