One Piece: Burning Wishes

Uploaded: March 6th, 2018
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If you are a fan of One Piece anime series, and you would like to participate in the fierce battle of the famous pirate movie, One Piece: Burning Wishes game will definitely bring you that feeling with irresistible appeal. With One Piece: Burning Wishes, you will explore the ocean and fiery battles, which is the feeling that any gamer would like to experience.

One Piece: Burning Wishes APK download for Android

One Piece: Burning Wishes is a sequel to the last game fighting style. In general, it is still a fight between characters. You will choose your favorite pirate to enter the battle of the “ocean lord” with the other opponents.
The difference in One Piece: Burning Wishes in this version is a level upgrade improvement. The combat skills are diversified. The attack and defensive indicators are more advanced. In addition, the characteristics of each pirate are also personalized and comprehensive, which makes the One Piece Burning Wishes attractive on the debut in early 2018. In addition, when you are playing One Piece: Burning Wishes, you can choose from three characters as teammates, create a combative battle and have more strategy options for winning. During the development of the game, the publisher also upgraded a special type of weapon named the Devil Fruit for increasing the attack or defense. It is noted by many players to help increase the attractiveness of the battle.

Graphics and sound: This is a plus in One Piece: Burning Wishes. In this version of One Piece: Burning Wishes, the most prominent success is the graphics and sound.
The 3D graphics of the new version has been upgraded for color contrast and character shaping, and the movements are more varied and clear. In addition, the sound has also been varied depending on the level.

One Piece: Burning Wishes Key features:

  • Plots familiar and attractive
  • Big task system
  • Join the adventures of characters in the manga series of the same name.
  • Nice 3D graphics.




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