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Oliver the Virtual Cat 1.31 MOD APK for Android

If you have ever loved virtual pet games on a mini play station, now you can experience the virtual cat game anytime, anywhere on the phone with Oliver the Virtual Cat. This game offers a lot of fun experiences for players. Oliver the Virtual Cat is a virtual game provided by Frojo Apps. If you want to have a pet but you cannot possess it, it is possible to download this game right now to your phone for owning a virtual cat. You can take care, feed, bath, and play with them.

How to play

Oliver the Virtual Cat is quite simple, in which the player has to feed the big cat, and keep it healthy. The cat is called Oliver. The player will meet Oliver after opening a carton. It is so dusty and ill. The first thing you need to do is to clean the cat by using the soap in the lower left corner, then use the shower above the head of the cat. After being cleaned, the player needs to feed Oliver with milk. The player simply points to the items and assigns them to the virtual cats. When the cat has been enough, you can click on the light emblem for the pet to go to bed.

Oliver the Virtual Cat – Android Gameplay FHD

The screen will display items for the player to select and apply to Oliver, including bathing, feeding, going to bed and entertaining. In supermarkets, there will be a lot of different dishes that players can choose, corresponding to different prices.
Oliver’s meal can be divided into several hours including meals and snacks. Food in the supermarket is also very diverse.

In addition to feeding, drinking and sleeping, players can also take Oliver to some outdoor activities such as playing basketball, racing, playing the piano, boat racing, etc. There are up to 50 mini-games in Oliver the Virtual Cat for the players. Players will control their virtual cats to win and earn lots of coins, which will be used to buy food, drinks, milk…
Players can also choose and combine costumes, hats, beards, glasses and some accessories for his Oliver. The surroundings and decorations can also be re-decorated.
The gameplay is the same as when you raise a real pet in real life, take care of the bath, give Oliver no, and get enough sleep. Your Oliver will be full of emotions like joy, sadness, hunger, anger.

Disable Ads

Showing ads during the game is a challenge for many players, and is very annoying. If the ads show up too much and you do not want to see it, you can turn off the wifi, 3G, 4G connection.

Graphics and sound

The graphic design in Oliver the Virtual Cat is simple, detailed, colorful and lively. The mini-games are also varied, colorful graphics and charming. Smooth background music, along with other accompanying sounds, helps keep the player away from boredom and gives Oliver a sense of comfort.


Oliver the Virtual Cat is a fairly simple game, suitable for cat lovers, who want to have a virtual pet. This game is currently being offered for free on the Android and iOS.


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