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Oceanar.io is a very popular “.io” game on Android Platform. In the game, you will lead a herd of fish in the ocean, eat foes weaker and stay away from the danger. The general point of IO games is that players will be released into a large environment and play alongside many other players. Of course, the game also has a mode of playing alone to play against the machine, but competing with people is much more interesting.

Oceanar.io Mod APK download for Android

If you have ever played Slither.io Snatcher game, then it will be faster on Oceanar.io. In this playground, instead of controlling a snake to eat other snakes, you will command a herd of fish to attack other fish. The key to winning the game is base on your quantity and attack the leader of the opponent.

The first thing at the beginning the game is that you should eat lots of ephemera around and give birth. But it is not normal to give birth by mouth. You will set up a fish corps and go fishing other fish.

During the diving time in the ocean, players sometimes catch white crabs/fishes, collecting them on their team to increase your numbers. However, keep in mind to stay away from white jellyfish, it will take you back. But if you have a strong enough army, you can always eat it. When attacking other enemies, pay attention to attack the leader instead of the little ones around them. If the leader dies, the others will also die and you just eat them. The other important thing is that if you kill anyone, kill it all, eat all of it until it is just a bone. If you do not eat it all, it will recover.

Create a giant force of fish and dominate the ocean in this action game. Download Oceanar.io for Android and enjoy now.

Key features of Oceanar.io for Android:

Build up the army of fish

Eat ephemera to spawn more fry and collect fish / white crabs to increase the population of your herd. When you have a large herd in your hand, attack the other fish to fulfill your dream of dominating the ocean.

Fight with the enemy

In Oceanar.io, you will meet predatory fish or hungry jellyfish everywhere. Keep away from them before they eat you. Be patient until you grow up to attack them. Become the last survivor in the ocean.


Immerse yourself in Oceanar.io for great relaxing moments, relieve stress in your life, and have interesting knowledge about the ocean.

Nice graphics

Unlike other games of the same type, Oceanar.io is a new game with special features, letting you immerse yourself in the vast blue sea with vivid and authentic sound.


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