Nova Wars

Uploaded: November 24th, 2017
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Nova Wars is a 3D science-fiction mobile game that developed and operated by NEXON. Nova Wars uses the same mainstream scene as the legendary StarCraft family, combining a beautiful graphics platform and Unity 3D with a bold strategic gameplay engine, which is very similar to the previous famous product.

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Like other RTS games, Nova Wars will bring players to the dramatic and violent 1v1 PvP in a battle zone. With the background of universal war, you will control the armies, the enormous fighting machines with tremendous power, attack, and battle with the enemy. The goal is to beat all the enemy base. The game will bring in the interesting mix of collecting cards, goalkeepers and MOBA like Clash Royale. The game progression in Nova Wars will take place on the horizontal screen when you repeatedly summon your troops and robots to attack the main house of the opponent.

Each unit will have different manpower and skills, such as spider mines that can kill nearby enemy troops and inflict damage on the opponent’s main house. To win the game, the players need to destroy the enemy base.

Set in a cosmic battle with high-tech fictional sides, the character design of the Nova Wars game is sci-fi styled with giant spacecraft, combat robots, Ninja with the invisible armor. The models of soldiers or warships are very detailed and lively. The fighting effect leading to fire, the breakdown is also very charming, and the corresponding sound brings you a sense of the most intense battle.

Players can also participate in exciting gameplay features such as Arena, PvP… with various game modes. It makes you interested. Nova Wars are built on beautiful 3D graphics, with design style reminiscent of legendary strategy game StarCraft, which had been famous for a long time. With a variety of different units possessing a particular role, you need to have certain insights and to make the best combination of combat. Win or lose, it all depends on your skill.

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Nova Wars allows players to collect spoils, cards or valuable materials after each battle, which are used to upgrade, improve the strength of soldiers, or unlock new units. The game is released for free with in-app purchase system. It is currently available in a variety of different areas, which can be found at the link below.


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