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Noblesse is a very popular Korean comic (Manhwa), first published in the end of 2007 and consistently receiving a lot of different versions. Nowadays, the big fans of this comic can enjoy their favorite title on the phone with Noblesse M, which is highly praised for its recent launch, Noblesse M definitely delivers great experiences for those who are the fan of this manhwa.

Noblesse M Mod APK (English) for Android

Noblesse’s story revolves around the story of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (Rai), a vampire who has awakened after 820 years of sleep. Although he quickly merged into human life at the time, Rai avoided the pursuit of a secret organization specializing in experiments on humans, and from that time on, he faced one by one danger.

Familiar and simple gameplay

Noblesse M has an RPG gameplay that combines turn-based and team-based elements, which control a group of characters to fight against the enemy. The combat system of the game is the turn-based feature, each character will alternate the attack and use the move when it gets a turn until the enemy or you destroyed the whole army. The gameplay of Noblesse M is very similar to the Abyss Tribe. Although the game has automatic mechanisms, but players can still use the skill to finish the enemy if you want. Each character in the team will have their own skills, which will be activated when enough Mana is available. You can touch the character and select the skill to use.

The abundant characters system

Noblesse M will bring to the player a huge and varied number of characters, including familiar characters who have appeared throughout the Noblesse series. The number of characters is very abundant but it is not available, you will only get a few initial characters. Through the completion the game, you can unlock new characters. Each character has its own attributes, you need to grasp this to combine all together into one strongest team and can support each other when fighting. In addition the plot mode with a huge number of missions and stages, you can also participate in PvP or Multiplayer modes, and team up with other players to battle bosses. These modes require an internet connection to play so you should take note of this.

Impressive 3D graphics

Noblesse M’s background is built on a beautiful 3D platform, accompanied by exciting effects, which will satisfy the fans of the comic. Noblesse M is a free-2-play game that comes with the in-app purchase system, which is currently available in select regions for Android. Readers can access the address below to download games and experience before the game officially launched offline.


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