How to play PUBG Mobile on your computer with Nox Player

May 10, 2018 at 5:24 pm

Currently, there are a lot of players want to play PUBG Mobile on their computer. So I wrote this article to teach you how to play PUBG Mobile on your PC most easily. It sounds a little funny because PUBG is a computer game. The game is still sold on Steam for $14.93. If you are willing to pay it, you will have the full PUBG experience. However, if you want to play for free, and you have a configuration that does not meet the original PUBG, you can temporarily experience the PUBG Mobile, which is provided completely free. It requires the lower but acceptable machine configuration.

Of course, this article is for anyone who likes to play ABC on a PC, if using an Android device with enough configuration required, you guys can download the game here. We recommend another game with similar gameplay (more fun): Fortnite Mobile

To play PUBG Mobile, your device has to meet the High configuration of Nox Player, which is 2 CPU and 2GB of RAM. To install and play PUBG Mobile on your computer, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install the latest Nox Player application, here.

Step 2: After installation, you have two icons on Desktop including Nox and Multi-Drive. If you run Nox immediately and install PUBG Mobile, it will not work because the default Nox is Android 4.0. To play PUBG Mobile, run Multi-Drive.

Step 3: Click the Add emulator button> select New emulator-Android5.1.1.

Step 4: A new instance will be downloaded and created. This will be an Android 5.1.1 emulator so you can play PUBG Mobile (requires Android 4.3 minimum). Click Smart folder next to the new instance to start running Android emulator.

Step 5: After you get into the Android emulator space, open the Play Store app, sign in to your Play Store account.

Step 6: Find and download PUBG Mobile games from the app store. (capacity of nearly 700MB).

Step 7: Start running games and enjoy it.


If you see this notice:

“PLAYUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND MOBILE is developed maintainer by Lightspeed and Quantum Studios Group of Tencent. It was developed on UE4 to fully reproduce the PC experience on Mobile. Your device is not supported at the moment; but it will be included at the later time. Thank you for your understanding”

If you encounter the above error, the game signal is not compatible with you. You can fix by clicking the Settings icon in Nox.

In Performance settings, select High. In the Graphic rendering mode, you select the Compatible (OpenGL) then click Save settings.

Now go back to the game and try again. You will see the incompatible screen no longer appears. You can create the character as below.

Finally, you can experience PUBG Mobile on PC. Configuration is not very high, but it is suitable for most computers.

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