Getting Over It is officially released on Android

May 5, 2018 at 6:07 pm

Getting Over It is the climbing game with the high difficulty and inhibitory gameplay. The game has been available on the Play Store, allowing Android users easy to download and play the game. Do you still remember the feeling of inhibitions when playing Flappy Bird? If you think that it is too hard to play, you should try Getting Over It. This game will probably take you hours playing but you may have no way out. This is a puzzle game developed by Bennett Foddy, who created the QWOP. After launching the PC and iOS versions in last early December, Getting Over It was only available to Android users via the Play Store.

Getting Over It revolves around a silent man using a hammer while sitting in a large cauldron. The player will have to manipulate well to control the hammer moving and climbing over dangerous terrains. The main objective of the game is to climb to the top. However, you need to possess good patience and ingenuity to perform the exact operation, because with only a small mistake, it is enough to get you back to play from the beginning. For those who have mastered it, they will probably only take a few minutes to win the game. But most of the players, it is hard to finish the game within a few hours.

With beautiful graphics, simple gameplay and a little inhibition, Getting Over It suddenly becomes popular and attracts many players in the world
Just like the other two versions, the Android version is available in the form of buy-2-play at a price of 5.14$. Readers can access the address below for more information about the game as well as buy game if you want to experience through this great game.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy APK

In addition, We will also attach to the free download link for those who do not want to spend money to buy games. If it possible for you, please buy the game to support the publisher!

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