Fortnite Battle Royale – 9 tips for beginners for conquering the Top 1.

April 13, 2018 at 6:50 pm

You may not believe it, but the trick to making the top 1 in Fortnity Battle Royale is the same as PUBG. “More than 1 million players have parachuted from the Battle Royale bus,” said Fortnite. After 24 hours the game developer released the new game mode. Battle Royale is a survival shooting game, which was updated by Fortnite on 26/9. The special feature of this game is that it will allow you to participate in a mortal arena (like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds). In addition, Epic Game also allows gamers to experience their products for free.
Like PUBG, when you sit on a bus for flying in the Fortnite Battle Royale. Right from the moment you hit the jump button, you will have to remember a lot of good experiences for you in both single and team mode, which can help you easily reach the top 1:

First, you guys can download the game at here

Do not go to the crowded places first.

In the busy area, there are many houses and people, which mean that there is more equipment. If you are not fast, or simply not lucky enough to get a weapon first, replay the game seems to be a good thing to do when you face a lot of players with the similar Psychology like you.
The best way to get the weapons is visiting suburb areas, in which there are many guns and crafting materials. You should equip yourself well before entering the fighting city.

Do not always shoot like Rambo

Unlike many other shooters, Battle Royale is a very difficult test to find the best survivor. With 100 people on a map, you need to know when you need to shoot. For example, the enemy is far, you have few bullets or only shotgun, the best way is to let them run away, someone will help you to knock down the enemy.

Looting as much as possible.

Survival or winning will depend on the items that you have in your backpack not only in Fortnite Battle Royale but also in survival games. You need a good weapon, armor, ammunition, and hairdos. Checking every corner of your house to look for items before you want to fight anyone else.

Avoiding the combat as much as possible.

Watching streams, gamers often learn the gosu to rush into the middle of the battlefield for proving themselves. But their hands cannot be big like Gosu. So, those who are in the top 1, or very wise, avoiding fights, hiding away, or are all big guns to shoot everyone down. Be the first one!

Looting equipment wisely.

Your backpack is limited, so please loot your equipment in balance. You will not want to cram all five shotguns into your backpack and then there is no space for bullet and first aid. Selecting the weapon is also a useful tip. When the enemy hides, a grenade or grenade launchers is always a good idea.

Do not leave your teammates behind.

Like PUBG, Fortnite Battle Royale will be more fun if you play with friends. Therefore, when playing in Squad mode, you should never go too far or leave your teammates behind. You should know where they are so that when there are unexpected situations, you can quickly approach your opponent and protect your teammates in the best way.

Do not forget construction.

A feature that Fortnight Battle Royale takes from the original survival game is the ability to build small works to protect themselves. On the map, you will find a lot of material called crafting material, which you can use them to create walls quickly to dodge enemy fire. Even you can build the ladder to climb a higher position.

Listening to the surrounding sound carefully.

The game sound is very important in any survival game. The sounds will tell you the enemy position, whether they are nearby or distant. They are all invaluable information for you to climb to the top of every match. Some valuable boxes are always very distinctive sound. You do not miss them if you are lack of loot to survive.

Pick up the pickax when looting the enemies’ equipment.

After defeating the opponent, you want to loot the enemies’ equipment. But how to loot it right? For safety, you should pull your pickax and knock the pile of rock around the loot area. Then you will automatically pick up the bullet and blood supplies. It is very convenient.

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