Enlight Quickshot Tips Update 13/05/19

May 12, 2019 at 6:31 pm

No matter if you shot of not, Enlight Quickshot edit your photos in one touch Lightricks, an application development company, is no stranger to photo editors through multi-user applications like Facetune, Enlight .. recently developed a brand-new application with the name Enlight Quickshot.

Enlight Quickshot Tips 2
Enlight Quickshot is a new generation photo and photo editing application for iPhone or iPad that helps you take beautiful photos, with unprecedented AI innovation combined with unique tools Enlight Quickshot will do satisfy the passion for photography for all users.

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Enlight Quickshot Tips Update 13/05/19

Enlight Quickshot Tips 2
The Enlight Quickshot application is a combination of speed, simplicity and power that makes photo editing easier. Users can choose from a collection of unique custom, manual filters or create their own photo style, then apply to all your photos at the same time. The application will change your look for mobile photography and photo editing.

Enlight Quickshot Tips 2
Available for iOS/Android users, Enlight Quickshot provides automatic editing, both in speed and users without expertise, while some more customizable controls provide further enhancements to advanced users. The developer said this application is designed to balance ease of use and power.

Enlight Quickshot Tips 2
In Genius Mode, the application uses AI to automatically adjust and instantly edit a photo. If the time is not fast enough, users can also edit their photos before they are taken with Quickshot Mode – the mode that allows editing images before images are taken. Inside this mode, the program automatically aligns the image and adjusts the light and displays the results directly on the screen. Users can also add built-in filters in this mode.
Enlight Quickshot Tips 2
The outstanding feature of Enlight Quickshot is that it has the ability to edit multiple photos at the same time with the batch mode. Users will select and adjust to a unique image style including filters, brightness, depth, drop shadow … and more. Besides, there is a photo editing feature right after shooting or after shooting is completed. Quickshot Camera mode is a magic feature. You only need one touch to automatically align, straighten and enhance your photos when shooting.
Along with AI editing, live preview and batch mode, Enlight Quickshot also includes a number of different presets. In addition, Enlight Quickshot also gives users unique filters, categorized into different packages for photo topics such as portraits, nature, urban and more. Not to mention the canvas tool that makes it easy to edit textures and strings between all the tools you need in one place to quickly adjust.
Zeev Farbman, co-founder and CEO of Lightricks said that: “Today’s high-quality mobile cameras created a new class of photographers who share lives through the lens of their mobile device. With Quickshot, we’re equipping those users with tools they need to make every photo perfect”. He also added: “It’s an app simple for users of every level skill. They can access a fast, intelligent, and easy-to-use photography studio on their mobile device, never having to sacrifice quality or control”.

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Like other applications already on the market, Quickshot was born to make photo editing easier on mobile for all of you from amateur to professional. However, Enlight Quickshot also focuses on supporting users to take high quality photos.
Apple’s integrated Camera app hasn’t changed significantly in recent years, making third-party developers free to innovate in this area of iOS/Android. One of the latest apps point-and-shoot comes from the folks behind Enlight, a fantastic photo editor for iPhone and iPad. Let’s find out the outstanding features of this application.
Quickshot offers a number of outstanding features that claim to be one of the best camera apps on the App Store. And the first of these, quite clever, is called “Quickshot”.

Quickshot mode has a number of features, such as auto-rotate and auto-cut

In this mode, the application uses artificial intelligence to automatically adjust, straighten and enhance photos even when you take them. Quickshot can sense whether you are holding the iPhone slightly out of angle and it can compensate for this by rotating the captured image. This mode works extremely well, spelling the end for crooked horizons.

Quickshot can recognize even the most extreme corner errors

The second feature provided in Quickshot is HDR +. Taking High Dynamic Range (HDR) blends photos with different exposures to create the perfect image. Here, HDR + mode allows users to edit HDR on a per-environment basis. Not only do you see configuration exposure images in real time, but the application also allows users to adjust exposure levels with a simple touch. There is an HDR shooting mode in the standard Camera app, but this gives much more freedom.

Touching the screen allows users to adjust the exposure in HDR + mode

Finally, there is Strobe mode. Strobe is an interesting addition of the application – it works by taking a series of small images and putting them together to create stylized images that track the movement of an object. This effect works very well, although you will need something worth taking a picture with this mode – for example, a fitness athlete or a sports action program will fit perfectly with Strobe.

Strobe mode allows users to create impressive, stylish images

Besides all of this, Quickshot also boasts the usual Photo mode (which allows users to take photos without any additional technical functions) and it allows users to edit multiple photos of them. It’s very convenient if you have a full set and want to slap the same filter into the batch.
Although Quickshot is a free download, some features are locked after a professional upgrade (starting at $1.99 – or £1.99 – per month). You have limited to three bulk edits unless you upgrade to pro; The upgrade also allows users to create their own filters in the app. However, the most likely free app will meet all your photography needs. It is comprehensive enough without upgrading and brilliant operation.
Enlight Quickshot is a great alternative to the Camera app. This is a simple, modern and beautiful editing application. If you need a photo editing application with all the above utilities, this is the first choice. To become a professional photographer, the only thing you need to do is download Enlight Quickshot Pro to your iPhone/android.

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