Enlight Quickshot Tips 2019

April 3, 2019 at 3:43 am

Enlight Quickshot: How to Insert Clouds into Ultra-Amazing Photos

Enlight Quickshot 1.4.2 APK full unlock for Android/ IOS 2019

Enlight Quickshot- Another unique photography application of Lightricks Ltd. – The famous developer of Enlight application. Enlight Quickshot (Unlocked) focuses on three factors: beautiful, fast and simple. Besides, there is a photo editing tool that you can use to get a good shot.


Quickshot integrates many advanced image editing features, many beautiful filters with Premier scenes suitable for many beautiful photo tones. But the feature that makes this app popular by many young people and the photo editing application is to add clouds to the image. So how to use this feature? You follow the detailed steps below to insert clouds into photos with Quickshot.

Steps for inserting clouds into images

Step 1: First, you choose a picture of a suitable sky landscape. Open Enlight Quickshot and select the image you need to edit.

Enlight Quickshot tips 2019

Step 2: Select the Sky tab.

Enlight Quickshot tips 2019

Step 3: In this section, there will be many cloud options for you to choose from. You choose the type that best suits the photo you feel is unified. In this article, I use DU01.

Enlight Quickshot tips 2019

Step 4: Drag to select the stop control of the cloud.

Enlight Quickshot tips 2019
Step 5: In the previous step, you click twice on the cloud type which will display more advanced options. Including Random (that kind of cloud is also different). And other parameters, you drag the test option.

Enlight Quickshot tips 2019

Step 6: After choosing the cloud and adjust to your liking. Now Save the image by clicking Arrow (top right)

Enlight Quickshot tips 2019

Step 7: Select Save to complete cloud insertion into the image

Enlight Quickshot tips 2019It’s so fast that you can blow your photos into subtly with a few simple steps. Below is the original image and the edited image, please see.

Want to take a special motion picture? Press the Strobe mode and prepare for the surprise. This mode captures multiple shots in a row, then separates the subject from the image, blends the backgrounds and merges them with the subject. The result is an image that shows all the frozen motion for a moment. If this sounds incredible, wait until you see the result. You will believe it now!

Stobe feature

Enlight Quickshot tips 2019

Try to tell someone throwing a ball, jump into the air, tumble, or any fast movement. After you have the photo you like, click the card icon at the bottom left to pair it with other photos. The result is an interesting and unique photo, where things that seem to be simplest also become extremely impressive.

We absolutely love the smart features of Enlight Quickshot, and it’s great that you can use them with just one tap of the screen. Wish you have your beautiful photos.

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