HOW TO Download Region-Locked Apps & Games on iOS

April 11, 2018 at 6:39 pm

Hi everyone,  If you are a frequent updater to mobile games information (Android and iOS), you will find that many programmers usually release their games in a certain area. This is considered as the final test before the global release, which means that without an account of that area, you will not be able to download the game. For example Talking Tom Jetski 2, you need to use Apple ID account from Canada for downloading it. If you are using other country Apple ID, it is impossible for you to download it.

How to download Region-Locked Apps & Games on iOS

Therefore, this article will guide you roaming in another country to download restricted games (typically Canada). Other countries you can do the same:

Option 1: Making some changes in the Setting.

Step 1: Access the App Store on iPhone / iPad > Select the account avatar icon > Click on the Apple ID account name.

Step 2: Select Country / Region.

Step 3: Change country or region.

Step 4: Select Canada because this is an area that does not require a Visa card while other regions will require that you need to prepare a Visa card to enter.

Step 5: Complete the account information

  • Street: Anything
  • City: Toronto => Canada.
  • Province: Ontario
  • Postal code. M5P2N7
  • Phone code: 437


After completed, you just need to visit the Apple Store and you will see that the game you need to download is available and can be downloaded right away.

Option 2: Use Switchr

Switchr is a web application, which is designed to help you navigate the country on the Appstore quickly and conveniently.

Here is a detailed instruction to do it:

Step 1: On the iPhone / iPad, you go to the following link:

Step 2: At the main interface of the website, you select the country to roam for the App Store (you can type keywords in the search box for quick query).

Step 3: The site will now request navigation to the App Store, you click Open to perform > Then on the App Store you select the Change Store to complete the roaming process.

At this point, you can comfortably experience the application store in the country that you have just roamed. If you want to return to the default, you can do the Step 1 and select the original country.
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