Navtol FlappyWing

Navtol FlappyWing – An addictive game for you

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Navtol FlappyWing – An addictive game for you

Navtol FlappyWing is a game that is causing a global fever issued by Sachin Navtol. This is the adventure of a very red beak bird, he must cross the green sewer pipes and not touch them. How to play Navtol FlappyWing game is quite similar to the version of Mario or Doremon game looking for cakes, but the attraction, even addictive of the birds is its difficulty.

There is no need to give a lot of strategies in the game, there is no need to overcome many different obstacles, only the pipes, but to score a high score is not easy at all. Meanwhile, games of the same genre as the great Pokemon game, angry bird, though built quite elaborately, require players to have high tactics but much easier to score.

Navtol FlappyWing

Play Navtol FlappyWing game, the player will have a fairly simple task which is to help the little bird perform the journey as far as possible by taking turns to overcome various obstacles. It will be really difficult challenges for players and having to perform quickly and accurately each control will be the only way to achieve very high scores. Get ready for new exciting challenges with this hot office game and show your dexterity through each game screen.

Navtol FlappyWing is one of the new mini-games and is making storms on the flash game market today, the game is designed with a simple but very interesting gameplay through each unique challenge that will always allow players to show my ingenuity. Bringing a novel style to describe the flying bird similar to previous Angry Birds and Flappy Bird games, this new version of the game clearly shows the simplicity but equally attractive thanks to the drama through each challenging game screen.

Navtol FlappyWing

Unlike Angry bird, Navtol FlappyWing has very simple graphics like 90s games like Mario, Pacman, etc. The game has a minimalistic design consisting of small yellow bird and chimneys as obstacles. object. To play this strategy game, the player will control the mouse to control the bird flying through the blue chimney, the farther the distance the bird flies, the higher your score will be. Each flap will be a mouse click.

Why is Navtol FlappyWing addictive? Navtol FlappyWing has fast tempo as well as speed bomb game, it will be more difficult for players when chimneys and how to control the bird are the cause of all problems. If you do not click the mouse repeatedly, the bird will dive to the ground, besides, you will have to play again if you touch the chimney lightly. Keep the mouse click distance so that the bird flies into the correct pitch between two chimneys. Difficulties in the first chimneys will make you feel angry and press play again and again. By the time you get used to the rhythm of this flappy bird, you’ll race the score with your friends.

Navtol FlappyWing

The appearance of the Navtol FlappyWing game shows the simplified trend of mini games such as the watchtower battle game and some other typical games such as IT bomb games, etc. Navtol FlappyWing promises to be a connected version More of Flappy Bird and more beneficial than before. Try to see how far you can fly and immerse yourself in this new phenomenon.

Perhaps, the attraction of Navtol FlappyWing is that, or as some commentators have said, the lesson of success this game is: “Perfect is simple”. Simplicity always brings unexpected success for those who make it.

For answers and experience like thousands of users in the world through this game, please try to control the bird see it, surely you will find endless joy as many people have. found at Navtol FlappyWing.




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