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Navbar Apps help users customize the navigation bar on their mobile device usefully. With Navbar Apps, users can choose between a variety of decorations for the navigation bar with the option to change colors and set up some widgets. As usual, on Android smartphones, there have three touch navigation keys established on the screen, these keys are quite boring and difficult to change if your device is not Root. However, users can still change and beautify Navigation thank to Navbar Apps.

Download Navbar Apps – Customize, change Navigation color for Android

Additionally, Android users who want to see system information on their device can use the CPU-Z for Android widget. The CPU-Z for Android application lets you view information such as the type of microprocessor in use, the speed of each CPU core, the CPU load information, and so on. You can make changes or upgrades as needed.

The Navbar application gives users the option of custom colors for their navigation keys. At the same time, you can also set the navigation bar colors compatible with the applications on the device when running. WOW, Navbars is also an application with similar functionality, help you customize the navigation bar to your liking. Also, WOW Navbars is easy to use without rooting the system.

NavBar Apps for Android also allows users to turn their navigation bar into a pin display, indicating the amount of battery remaining on the device. When your battery is lower and lower, the red under the bar will be more and more. You just click on the Battery section to perform this task. Besides, if you want to display more information such as traffic usage, memory can use the Micro CPU Monitor application. After installing and using the Micro CPU Monitor, the utility displays CPU usage information to help users monitor the battery-wasting and most CPU intensive applications for their smartphone.

You refer to the GIFWrapped application that searches and shares GIF animations on your mobile device to send to friends. With GIFWrapped you can also preview the best GIF on your Android devices.

Main features of Navbar Apps:

  • Customize the navigation bar colors
  • Set the navigation bar colors compatible with the application
  • Battery notification


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