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If you were born in the 1990s and early 2000s – you must have known Tamagotchi – one of the most attractive games on the Game Boy Color gaming console. Millions of copies were sold worldwide, Tamagotchi completely satisfied players of all ages.

My Tamagotchi Forever APK/IPA (Mod) for Android/iOS

Recently on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of this game, Bandai Namco Entertainment unveiled their latest game called My Tamagotchi Forever for iOS and Android devices, promising to bring Tamagotchi closer to millions of players around the world. The game is completely free, so you can download games easily and start to live in the wonderful memories that Tamagotchi has ever been.

About Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi is a virtual pet handheld device, created by Akihiro Yokoi – BANDAI Japan. The first one was sold on November 23, 1996, in Japan. It quickly became one of the biggest toy trends of the 1990s. Up to 2010, over 76 million Tamagotchi had been sold worldwide. Most of the Tamagotchi games are in a small egg-shaped device with a common interface consisting of three buttons, although the number of buttons may be changed.

According to BANDAI, Tamagotchi is a compound word from Japanese words including “た ま ご” (tamago) – meaning “egg”, and an English word for “Watch”. In Japan, the Latin word “Tamagotchi” will not have the “i” at the end, so it will read “Tamagotch”. Most of the characters in Tamagotchi end in “っ ち” (ichi). However, there are some exceptions.

Tamagotchi on mobile – why not?

With strong hardware (more powerful than Game Boy Color) – The current mobile devices will bring a much better Tamagotchi experience. The setting of My Tamagotchi Forever packed into the Tamatown town – Where you will do everything with your Tamagotchi. No more 8bit graphics – My Tamagotchi Forever seems to be inspired by Anima Crossing as you will see the familiarity of this game in My Tamagotchi Forever, so you do not be surprised because you can control your Tamagotchi in the town and meet the characters or perform missions.

In general, My Tamagotchi Forever still retains the traditional features of Tamagotchi that you may already be familiar with. You will care for, feed, play with your Tamagotchi, wait for Tamagotchi to evolve … In addition, My Tamagotchi Forever will also offer a more diverse gameplay with a diverse and exciting quest system that require players to be really persistent to solve. Beautiful 3D graphics, colorful and bright images are also the strengths that you will definitely enjoy at My Tamagotchi Forever.

Key features of Tamagotchi Mod APK for Android/iOS

  • The return of Tamitown brings a new world to your character.
  • Take care and protect your Tamagotchi characters through simple tasks such as feeding, washing, cleaning and turning on the lights for a good night and keeping Tamagotchi healthy.
  • Join the mini-games with your Tamagotchi, make friends with the Tamagotchi that you will meet at Tamintown and you can also give gifts to you.
  • Evaluating your Tamagotchi – one of the great characteristics of whatever Tamagotchi you are taking care of. When it reaches a certain level, your Tamagotchi evolves into a new one, with its shape, size, and many different characteristics, you will not know how Tamagotchi will evolve.
  • Capture the memorable moments of Tamagotchi and share with the friendly citizens in the town.
  • Capture and share your memorable Tamagotchi pictures with your friends
  • Play mini-games with Tamagotchi and receive money and other great rewards
  • Unlock delicious food, cute costumes and colorful items to decorate Tamatown.

Download My Tamagotchi Forever APK right now!

My Tamagotchi Forever is free for the Android and iOS platforms. If you have been a fan of Tamagotchi for years, you should not miss My Tamagotchi Forever, to relive those great memories.


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