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Mr Gun MOD APK (unlocked) for Android

Mr Gun is the latest game from Ketchapp, which is a popular game developer with unique game titles. However, Ketchapp has succeeded beyond expectations. Its games have the simple gameplay, normal graphics. But the unique in gameplay has made them famous and has gained millions of downloads. Mr Gun is such a game. This shooter game is addictive even though it has a simple concept. If you have entered the game, you will not be able to step out. Ketchapp is famous for its simple and addictive game concept. Reference to the producer, we can think of their game such as Car vs Cops, Hit Knife or Fit in The Hole for iOS. Mr Gun is a new product, but it still follows the traditional design of the game maker, which is the trending game on both Android and iOS platforms. You can visit the link below to download the latest mod of this game.

Mr Gun is set in the context of a high building. On each floor, you will fight with different enemy type. Your task is entering each floor, shoot down enemies and complete the missions of certain levels to receive rewards. The rewards can be bullets or new guns. When you defeat the opponent, you will earn gold. You can use this gold to purchase more modern and stronger weapons in the shop.

How to shoot?

In the game, your character is equipped with a gun. The direction of the shot will move continuously. You need to consider the best time to touch the screen and shoot down opponents. Each type of gun has bullet paths and the number of bullets fired is different so you need to know this to not miss the shoot.

When you level up, the difficulty of the game increases as well. It means that your enemies are stronger, more persistent and you cannot kill them with a shot. At the end of each level, you will confront the boss. You have to defeat the boss to move to the next level. You need to act fast and watch the enemy before you hit the bullet.

The headshot will help you kill the enemy faster and give you more bonuses. In Mr Gun, there is absolutely no place for mistakes. Every time you shoot, you have to hit the enemy. If you missed a shoot, you would be shot down immediately. Mr Gun has minimalist graphics with block cube form character. Your opponent is also designed simply, which reminds us of the matches, with the head highlighted. Although the game is simple, it is still very nice. If you are bored of shooting games, in which you have to do a lot of manipulation, Mr Gun will be a great choice for you. The game promises to help you to relieve stress and bring a happy time for you. In addition, the thing makes Ketchapp players happy that there are a few ads in the game. You will see this in Mr Gun, in which you can play games without being bothered by ads.

Key Features of Mr Gun:

  • Simple control mechanism. Touch to shoot.
  • Creating headshot for more bonus points.
  • Upgrade your huge arsenal, choose your favorite gun
  • Get new guns by buying in the gun shop or completing the boss removal list.


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