Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles

Mr Bullet – simple, challenging and addictive shooter.

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Mr Bullet – simple, challenging and addictive shooter.

Released by Lion Studios, Mr Bullet has quickly become popular in the App Store, Google Play and stores playing with millions of downloads. Mr Bullet is a free puzzle game with animated style and tons of excellent content.

The Mr Bullet character in the game is a special agent, he will destroy the enemy by shooting, exploding or damaging enemies through stages full of different puzzles that require accuracy, quickness and time to complete.

Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles

Your goal in the game is to destroy all mafia gang members and their spies with the least number of shots possible. You can start the game with classic mode, including hundreds of exciting gameplay. The challenge posed in each level and the number of available bullets is different. You need to carefully observe the elements in the environment to find a shooting solution to destroy the opponent most effectively.

In some levels, you have to fire bullets into the wall, to make bullets bounce and hit opponents or use bullets to push barrels to hit enemies or detonate bombs and mines. Each puzzle in each level has a different solution. The number of stars you earn through each level will help you unlock many game modes and in some stages you will get cash rewards that you can use to buy many different awesome skins. . The number of stars you receive depends on the number of shots. Use as few bullets as possible to get 3 stars in each level. With the number of stars accumulated, you can unlock new game modes and buy costumes to customize your character.

Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles

To shoot a bullet, you touch and drag on the screen a path from the gun. When the bullet is fired, it will bounce off the wall and hit the target or fly out. When the bullet hits the target, a bit of blood will fire and you will move to the next level. In some situations, the target will stand on the blue blocks, if you knock that green block, the target will fall and when they touch the ground, they will be eliminated.

The number of bullets you see on the screen is limited to your attempt to hit all targets and complete a level. In addition, the gold bullets indicate the limit where you must complete a stage to get the perfect 3-star rating. For the most part, you will easily achieve a 3-star rating on multiple stages, but some stages will be a bit more difficult and in such cases, take the time to look around. will be the key to achieving 3-star completion. Remember that all objects on the screen have a reason and each of these objects will directly help you achieve your victory.

Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles

When you unlock additional game modes, you can easily switch from one game mode to another if you start to experience some difficulties. The usual mode in the game introduces you to a variety of puzzles and follows the same basic mechanism of eliminating all goals in every necessary way. Hostage mode will complicate the game a bit because you will defeat all targets without killing hostages. Grenade mode is the same as normal mode but you will destroy targets with grenades. So instead of aiming and clicking, the power of each throw can be adjusted by pulling away or closer to your character before releasing grenades.

Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles

Game features:

Destroy them all and save the world!

Mister Bullet is on a secret mission. Use your deadly accuracy and precision to keep the bad guys! Whether it is a spy, agent, zombie, lumberjack, alien they are all here to take over the world and only a MASTER can take them down and save the world.

Unlock Epic Missions

So many enemies and levels for you to take down, each with their own unique twist! How smart are you? Can you solve all the puzzles? Shoot bullets that ricochet, bounce, or simply go in a straight line! Use your bullets to make objects fall and explode. Create chain reactions and do whatever it takes to get your target!

New Challenges Await

Rescue hostages, throw grenades at people and go on secret missions. No matter the situation, just remember to make every shot count!

Engaging Physics Puzzler

Only the smartest and quickest can solve all the puzzles! You will need more than just accuracy to make it through. Speed, timing and patience are all things you will need to become the zennest shooting master. Can you get three stars on every level?

Spy vs Spy

Are you the best and most accurate? Battle against other spies in crazy PVP multiplayer scenarios.

New Features Weekly

Mr Bullet is constantly updating with new unique levels, weapons and other skins.

You will NOT want to miss out on the action

With over 500 levels of intelligence and exciting modes, Mr Bullet – Spy puzzles will definitely not make you a dull moment with this easy-to-learn and easy-to-play game. Become a legendary agent. Start your mission and never stop firing.


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