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MonsterCry Eternal is a 3D RPG developed by Monster Smile in the Korean market. Now, it is available on Google Play. After quality products such as Clash Royale, Spellbinders or Plants vs Zombies Heroes, MonsterCry Eternal has recently been officially released by Monster Smile Inc. the global version for both Android and IOS. You can access to apkgalaxy to download Eternal MonsterCry Mod APK latest version and participate in dramatic games in the game.

MonsterCry Eternal Mod APK latest unlimited gold/full unlocked for Android

MonsterCry Eternal is a similar version of the title game MonsterCry, but has a nice graphics platform and gameplay features, not only improved in terms of graphics but also weaker gameplay. Attractive and interesting elements such as combat system combine the advantages of real-time combat and turn-based ATB (Active Time Battle). Like other card games, MonsterCry Eternal players will be tasked with recruiting heroes from the cards and building their own strongest team, then joining in 1v1 matches with opponents in the world.

MonsterCry Eternal has a new and impressive gameplay

MonsterCry Eternal is an immersive card game with turn-based real-time combat. The game is designed on the basis of advanced 3D graphics bring the game is beautiful but no less tactical. The context of MonsterCry Eternal models the mythical Western mythology in detail from buildings, dungeons to the surrounding scenery to a great murmur, cold. You have to overcome obstacles and participate in battles with rivals around the world. Do not forget to collect spoils through victories!

According to the publisher, MonsterCry Eternal is built by a beautiful turn-based combat system based on modern 3D graphics and more choking games with strategic thinking that is different from the traditional card game genre inherent. By simulating the European mythical world with dark, the dungeons are sure to enthrall the player for the first time. The overall color of the game is dark, impressive and classic.

Various game modes.

In addition, the card system in the game is plentiful. MonsterCry Eternal also offers a variety of challenges in a variety of modes including singles, PvP arena, or large dungeons that can hold up to 300 players at once. Each mode has different strategic requirements, players have to master the rules in each game mode to complete the final goal. The game promises to make players very attractive. Play now if you want to experience the unique game.

Overall, the combination of two elements, card and simulation, made MonsterCry Eternal a highly entertaining and promising game.

How to set Leader Card in MonsterCry Eternal mod apk?

Today, we will be teaching you how to change your Leader Card and activate the deck effects!

From the main lobby, you can find the Leader Card button.

1.The current set Leader Card will be displayed with a glowing border

2.You can view the effect of the current set Leader Card and the effect of the Card that you will be using as the new Leader Card.

3. Congratulations! You successfully changed your Leader Card! Check out the new effect.
Now that you’ve learned how to switch Leader Cards you can utilize this feature and take advantage of the effects! We hope that this will help you enjoy playing MonsterCry Eternal!

We hope that you find these tips helpful. Have fun playing MonsterCry Eternal Mod Gold!

[Guide] Battle in MonsterCry Eternal:

[Battle Screen UI]

Battle Main Screen

The basic battle system of MonsterCry Eternal is the ATB (Active Time Battle) turn-based system. You can issue a command for each card and battle will flow depending on their speed.

  1. Defense – Set card to take defense position. This will increase its block chance and reduce damage.
  2. Active Skill 1 – Use the first active skill of a card
  3. Active Skill 2 – Use the second active skill of a card
  4. Normal Attack – Use a basic attack
  5. Life Gauge – Shows the remaining health points of a card. – Cards are defeated once their remaining health points goes down to 0.
  6. Turn Gauge – The Turn Gauge shows the needed time for the card to have a turn. – Once the turn gauge is full, a card can either use a skill, attack, or defend.
  7. Repeat Battle – Repeat the current stage. – Can only be used on stages that have been cleared with 3 stars.
  8. Auto Battle – Start current stage with auto battle. – Can only be used on stages that have been cleared with at least 1 star.

You can check on a card’s information by pressing and holding down on it.

You will win once all the enemy cards’ HP goes down to 0. Conversely, you will lose once all your cards’ HP goes down to 0.
Card combinations are important to achieve victory. Each card has its own unique skills and these skills can be linked (or chained into a combo) together. MonsterCry Eternal has a Crest system, which is very useful during battles.

[Guide] Card

[Deck UI]

You can get to this screen if you press the ‘Card’ button on the Main Screen.
  1. My Deck – You can build a deck by setting up 3 cards to use in battle. – You can rename the deck by tapping on the Deck Name. – You can build a total of 3 decks.
  2. Battle Power – Shows the Battle Power of your deck.
  3. Deck – Shows the cards set in the selected deck. By pressing the reset button, you can select other cards to form the deck.
  4. Card Codex – You can check all cards from here.
  5. Card lists – You can check on the cards that you already own.
  6. Sort Card list – You can view the cards through sorting filters such as Rank, Level, Race and Type.
  7. Dismantle – Dismantle the cards you don’t use to gain Soulstones.
[Card Information UI]
  1. Class & Race – Shows the Class & Race of the card. – The top part of the emblem shows the card’s Class, while the bottom part of the emblem shows its Race.
  2. Name & Rank – Shows the name & rank of the card.
  3. Card enhancement – Shows card enhancement level by star amount. – You can enhance a card up to a maximum of 5 stars.
  4. Card Level – Indicates the level of the card.
  5. Deck Setting – Use this button to set or remove the selected card from your deck.
  6. Card Level and EXP – Shows the card’s Level and EXP. – Press the level up button to raise the card’s level using gold or EXP potions.
  7. Card enhancement and EXP – Shows card enhancement level and EXP. – Press the upgrade button to enhance the card using Soulstones.
  8. Item Equipment – Equip items from your inventory.
  9. Card Basic Information – You can check the card’s Battle Power, HP, ATK, DEF, SPD.
  10. Card Detail Information – You can check on the detailed information of a card.
  11. Card Forum – The Card Forum is where you can go to discuss your thoughts about the selected card with other players.
  12. Card Lock – Press the lock to prevent your card from being dismantled.
  13. Bookmark – Press the bookmark button to include it in the bookmark category.
  14. Basic Information (Common) – Check on the basic information of the card.
  15. Skill Information (Skill) – Check on the information of the card’s skill.
  16. Details (Info) – Check the story, Class, and Race of the card.
  17. Dismantle Card – You can choose to dismantle the selected card and acquire Soulstones.
[Card Codex UI]

Press the ‘Card Codex’ button from the Main screen or Card Menu
  1. Cards are categorized by Race.
  2. Cards that have never been acquired are dimmed out.
  3. Cards that you have acquired are lit up.
  4. Indicates the number of Soulstones that you have.


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