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Yesterday, CAPCOM released Monster Hunter Stories – the latest game in their Monster Hunter series. Unlike previous versions of Monster Hunter Stories that were released for free on Android and iOS, the game has nice graphics, easy to play, easy to “love” and reasonable difficulty. Download Monster Hunter Stories APK file for free at our website.

Monster Hunter Stories APK download for Android

Monster Hunter is one of the most popular games in Japan, probably behind Pokémon. With a lot of the previous versions, Monster Hunter has created a huge community of millions of gamers around the world, and the success of the game has made Capcom take much more care of Monster Hunter to deal with the technology development. The game’s titles in the series are not exclusive to the Nintendo platform, which has started to spread on many other platforms. Monster Hunter Stories is such a game – when Launched officially on mobile and you can download it for free now

Monster Hunter Stories is a product of Capcom’s marketing campaign for all ages, so Monster Hunter Stories has a cute Cel-shading that is suitable the kids. The simulation game in the form of fighting is also simpler. But, it retains some of the features and characteristics of the original Monster Hunter franchise. What are the characteristics? Please follow Monster Hunter Stories review below:

A big monsters world.

Monster Hunter is a very attractive game because the monsters are very detailed in design, action, and tactical skills up to hundreds of different attacks. These traits make monsters in Monster Hunter more dangerous than ever. However, this is not suitable for children, which is the main object that Monster Hunter Stories forward. And to make the game more appropriate, Capcom chose to transform the graphics of the game from authentic to lovely Cel-shading style.

Surprisingly, this does not affect Monster Hunter, but it has a positive effect on the player. Instead of a Monster Hunter who has been praised for its gameplay, the fans are always complaining about the harshness and repetition. Monster Hunter Stories has been perfect when it possesses new graphics. Obviously, Monster Hunter Stories has accomplished its ultimate goal, which is to engage more adolescent players adapting to the beastly world of Capcom.

The unique gameplay

Monster Hunter Stories is no longer an action simulation game like the traditional ones. It transforms into a turn-based mode, with players picking up monsters and using them to fight like Pokémon. The simplest way is a plus point of Monster Hunter Stories for kids like Pokemon.

As for older players, this type still has a certain attraction. Because the massive monster collection is still remaining, the system of equipping up to thousands of different items is still challenging the player. Besides a new feature that has never appeared in the series, players can create their own monsters through DNA breeding, and bring them to PvP online with other players. If Monster Hunter loyal fans are wondering when the new PvP games are coming out, then their expectations are met.

Great graphics – incredible experience

Actually, since the first 3DS launch of Monster Hunter 3, Monster Hunter’s graphics have not changed much more than five years. But when it comes to mobile, Monster Hunter Stories seems to be a great salvation for the fans, because not only does Cel-Shading have a very rare Cel-Shading platform, Monster Hunter Stories deserves the best and most mobile gaming experience you have ever seen. Monster Hunter Stories was limited to 3DS – a handheld with a low configuration and low resolution. But now with the good hardware of Android – you can enjoy a Monster Hunter Stories with high-quality graphics and more.

This will be reflected in the creatures and the detailed movement of the beast, as well as the ultimate satisfaction when the player rides the beast to explore the world of Monster Hunter Stories or fly on a back of the beast, which has the scene to feel the vast land at his feet.

Reasonable difficulty

Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, or some of the most popular superhero games in Japan have a common characteristic of having very high difficulty levels. However, this is no longer maintained with Monster Hunter Stories. In the game’s story experience, there are not too many obstacles for the player to overcome. Monster Hunter is difficult on the game with up to 14 weapons that only mastering them is also a great challenge. However, Monster Hunter has only four kinds of the weapon. For fans, this is a big minus. Because it has devolved to the famous game of this difficulty. Besides, if a Monster Hunter version is not too hard then it will not leave much impression on the gamer. The bosses in the game are so no longer scary and become “lovely” to see. This makes the story experience of Monster Hunter Stories become less impressive than previous releases. However, if you love simple play style, Monster Hunter Stories is still worth the experience.

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In short, Monster Hunter Stories is a “Monster Hunter” for young children. With its nice graphics, simple gameplay, and a high level of difficulty, Monster Hunter Stories has accomplished its goal of attracting more gamers to become familiar with the Monster Hunter franchise. But for fans who have spent thousands of hours playing Monster Hunter games to get past monsters, Monster Hunter Stories is a game that is “easy” for them.


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