Modern War

Modern War – An attractive global military empire for mobile

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Modern War – An attractive global military empire for mobile

In essence, Modern War can be classified as a strategy game. Players will show their military mind when building military forces as well as war plans in the game. One tip for Modern War players is to build as many troops as possible because the overwhelming number of battles in the war has also played a part in creating victory.

Modern War has two game modes: single player campaign in which players can gradually get used to the game through battle patterns, scattered and second mode, many players. In this mode, you will have the opportunity to participate in different factions, ally with other players to receive their support at times of need and vice versa, dispatch troops to help them when possible.

Modern War

A great feature in Modern War is the World Domination global war event held every 3 days every month. When this event takes place, factions will fight with each other to see who will be the global confessor. Only the final winner has the honor to name himself on the world map.

Players need to have a lot of money to wage war in Modern War, otherwise they have to use real money to buy virtual money in the game. To avoid that, right from the first game, you need to pay attention to building a lot of money production projects in the game. Although the number of buildings is limited depending on the level of the player, you can upgrade them to help produce more money.

Modern War

Players can both build new buildings and upgrade old buildings at the same time. Waiting to complete the fortifications in the game usually takes a lot of time so you should take advantage of the time after each battle to rearrange the works on your land.

When you first joined, Modern War players will get 10 free gold. You can use this gold at your own discretion, for example to speed up building or buying something in the game. Players should proceed to build and upgrade the building at appropriate times, not when they have instructions to do it. In addition, if you need money, you can join the campaign and destroy the enemy right on the land. However, following the tasks given by the game is always a wise strategic step, since the player will be given XP and other valuable rewards. This will help you advance faster in the game.

Each location in Modern War has its own advantages, but when fighting in Iran, players will have a 10% increase in energy recovery rate. This will help you soon have new energy to join the next campaign. If the player has high energy stats, they can choose to attack high level enemies, synonymous with multiple vault. You can attack them continuously to earn a lot of money if you need to use it for some important purpose. This is a useful way to convert energy into money.

Modern War

In Modern War, players can build an economy and a strong army without advanced. This will help you rank among low-level enemies and avoid being attacked by strong enemies. This is quite useful because in fact the players are not as gentle as they show through level indicators. However, remember that you can use this diversion, the enemy can also. Therefore, remember that when selecting a target, choose Raid to understand the enemy’s true ability clearly before attacking.

Some key features of Modern War:

– Experience MMORPG game – a massively multiplayer online role-playing game with attractive war style.

– Combine with friends and other players to build a separate faction.

– Participating in earthquakes during the World Domination event takes place directly in 3 days per month.

– Attack enemy troops and gain control of countries and territories around the world.

– Operating a control center and building fortifications and defensive fortresses.

– Advance in the game to receive the honor of participating in the Defense Leader clan.

– Join the global war and write your guild name on the world map.




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