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Modern Combat Versus or Modern Combat 6 is an extremely intense shooter game that was released by Gameloft for free. This game puts gamers in the background in the future when the environment was polluted causes the human to be pushed to the risk of extinction. At that time, two great forces appeared. On the one side is KORP – a global power corporation with a city system that envelopes the human race against the deadly climate of the Earth. On the other side is the OCTO – the resistance force trying to stop the yoke and giving humanity real freedom.

Modern Combat Versus  MOD APK + Data (Unlimited Money/Free Shopping)

Modern Combat Versus (Mod Money) is FPS multiplayer game that Gameloft has just introduced to global gamers. Multiplayer mode and beautiful online shooter scenes are the highlights of Modern Combat Versus versus. You can play free Modern Combat Versus games on your Android phone and tablet. Modern Combat Versus has created a new era for mobile shooters with excellent graphics, visual effects, high-quality sound and modern gameplay. This is a modern version of Combat Versus Beta, which is only supported in some countries. The game is regularly updated, gameplay changes and improvements to attract the player experience.

Instead of focusing on both the Single and Multiplayer Plates, Modern Combat Versus focuses on the Online Games. Accordingly, players have to use all their ability as well as their ingenuity to win against other teams. There will be five large maps available for players to join, including Apex, Sandstorm, Port, Blackrock, and Slums.

With Modern Combat Versus, you will not be able to choose specific classes like Modern Combat 5 and myriad of different agents. Modern Combat Versus has 12 agents based on 4 main classes including Attacker, Defender, Assassin, and Specialist. The attacker has the ability to attack extremely strong; Defender rewards teammates for their ability to minimize damage, health, and defense. Next is Assassin’s great damage, but blood is easily destroyed. Finally, the Specialist has the ability and unique weapons to use depending on the combat situation. Each character can be customized for weapons, skins, symbols, and upgrades.

Each character in Modern Combat Versus Mod APK can be customized with weapons, skins, symbols, and upgrades. The player will need Core Charges to activate the special abilities of the character that can be acquired through the gameplay experience. 10 Core Charges can be used at the same time and each ability can demand different Core Charges. Like the previous games, the Modern Combat Versus control system puts the left key to move the character and sprint by keeping it in one direction, while the right side is reserved for observing the pulse. Round and round shooting by “double tap”. The special abilities of the characters will be activated by a middle key below the touchscreen.

The key features of Modern Combat Versus for Android:

  • Join 4v4 matches with real gamers to control the battlefield.
  • Choose 1 out of 12 characters with unique weapons and skills.
  • There are total 5 game maps accompanied by face-to-face or remote tactics.
  • Join the real gamer’s tournament for bonuses and promotions.
  • Customize the game control to your liking.
  • Experience yourself in high-quality 3D graphics with beautiful effects.

Previously, many people were really disappointed and strongly condemned the issue of “payment” in Modern Combat 5 before. Therefore, Gameloft promised there would be “no payment” to win as well as power systems, even though Modern Combat Versus is a free game.  If you are a fan of FPS games and team battles, do not forget to download Modern Combat Versus mod for free today!



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