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MMA Manager 0.20.1

Uploaded:January 30th, 2020
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MMA Manager is the latest game developed by Prey Studios and released on the mobile platform. This is a simulators game and management, MMA Manager will take players into the professional boxing world with the thrilling and bloody matches, and you are the manager of these professional boxers.

MMA Manager 0.20.1 Mod APK for Android

MMA Manager simulated the best mixed martial arts tournaments in the world, with the professional boxer from many different countries. Each of them is the master of different martial, and their goal is to use their own martial arts to fight and win the victory and try to obtain the highest ranking. In order to do that, they need to have the talented manager to arrange the timetable logically. It is you.

The gameplay of MMA Manager is quite simple, but it also costs you a lot of gray matter. Most of the matches in the game are automated. However, to win the competition, the role of the manager is to outline the tactics, as well as focusing on the strengths and exploits the opponent’s weaknesses. If you can do that, it is certain that your team will soon become the champions.

MMA Manager Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Money

MMA Manager gives players a lot of exciting and intensive gameplay modes. You can join the tournaments that follow the story or simply play against other players. The more you win, the more reward you get. You can use them to improve the boxer’s stats. The background of the game is designed in the animation style under the beautiful 3D platform, giving people the best action scenes. MMA Manager is currently in the Early Access phase of the Google Play store for Android users to experience first and get the feedback to help the developer improve the game when the official release. You guys can access the address below to download MMA Manager and experience the game now.


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