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The beta version of Mixer Create, which Microsoft has released recently, is now available for Android. Therefore, users can test it right now. This application allows users to Livestream, stream gameplay as well as watch streams of other people.
Mixer Create is a public beta version released prior to its official release in the near future (it is made available to all users and is still being developed). Therefore, they can experience all the features of this application completely free. Let’s download Mixer Create apk download and experience how good this new Microsoft product is. It is possible that your comments will contribute to the completion of official Mixer Create version.
With Mixer Create, users can Livestream quickly from anywhere. Its modern technology connects users with audiences through video interactive chatting.

Mixer Create APK Download for Android.

Users will be able to watch live videos of other people such as friends, idols or people they follow as well as stream their own live videos through Mixer Create. Adding support for Livestream does not make Mixer become complicated.
Finally, Mixer Create will allow users to Livestream Android and iOS games directly on their phones or tablets. They do want to share an interesting game with their followers, right?
Just by using the camera on the phone, Mixer Create will broadcast everything users want and send notifications to their followers. Also, users can change the resolution and frame rate.
When logging in, they will see an icon with blank spaces which they need to fill in title and type of audience. When users stream video, there is a small toolbar with some key shortcuts like micro and the access to their chat. Users can use the front or back camera and exchange them with one touch.
In addition, users can optionally turn off the chat display while live streaming in the section Settings. If not, they will Livestream and interact with others at the same time. According to the test results, the video quality is good and the latency is very low, which helps users Livestream and engage with more audiences. Besides, users also save a copy of the video if they want to watch it again. The application is easy to use so that Mixer Create can perform smoothly and without any interruptions, even if users are not familiar with technology.


New features:

  • Stream video and connect with audiences no matter where they are
  • Attract audiences’attention with interactive options
  • Manage channels and personal identity


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