Mini World: Block Art

Uploaded: December 25th, 2017
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Category : RPG

Mini World Block Art for Android is a sandbox simulation game developed by Miniplay from China. The game has the same Minecraft gameplay engine, taking you to a world of magical blocks, in which you can enjoy creativity and build your own works.

Mini World Block Art Mod APK for Android

Mini World Block Art for Android revolves around the story of adventure, discovery and creativity in the vast 3D world. There are no levels, no limits, you just be creative and destructive. Mini World Block Art for Android offers multi-player mode settings that allow you to connect via PC and phone to continue playing games anywhere and at any time. In which, you build houses, apartments, castles, cities based on your imagination or enjoy the joy of cultivation. You can even challenge the Dark Dragon in the Dungeon with your friends.

If you feel depressed with Survival mode, you do not hesitate to enter to another server and play some cool mini-games. Mini World Block Art for Android offers many mini-games such as parkour, puzzles, FPS, tactics… to bring you an exciting experience types of games that you have been tried.

With hundreds of cubes and more than 1000 game elements, you can comfortably express yourself in a world completely manipulated through the concept of placing and removing blocks.

Mini World Block Art Mod has a graphical platform built from blocks similar to Minecraft, but Mini World Block Art for Android brings a soft feel and satisfaction. Therefore, the character is also designed cute and bright.

Key Features of Mini World Block Art Mod APK:

  • Worldwide sandbox – Discover a worldwide open sandbox with a lot of cute monsters, blocks, raw materials, mining…
  • Unique game – the unique game engine with cutely designed characters.
  • Cross-platform – whether you are using your Android device or computer. All players and data are connected.
  • One player and multiplayer mode – get into a friend’s game or start building your own new world. Share games with other players or join in the others around the world.
  • Library – you can upload or download your work at the library, explore the MOD maps, game maps, other player’s world.
  • Game mode – survival mode and creative mode or mini-games created by the player, you can enjoy them anywhere at any time.
  • Powerful game editor team – There are many types of mini-games, ranging from Partour to puzzle, FPS, strategy… they are developed by the game editor.


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