Mini World Block Art

Mini World: Block Art

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Mini World: Block Art

Mini World: Block Art is a sandbox simulation game developed by Miniplay from China. The game has the same gameplay mechanics as Minecraft, taking you to a world of magical blocks. There, you can unleash creativity and build your own works.

Mini World: Block Art revolves around the story of adventure, discovery, and creativity in the vast 3D world. There are no levels, no limits, what you have is creativity and destruction. Mini World: Block Art provides multiplayer mode settings that allow you to connect via PC and phone to continue enjoying the game anywhere and at any time. In it, you build houses, apartments, castles, cities based on your imagination or enjoy the joy of farming. You can even challenge the Dark Dragon in the Dungeon with his friends.

Mini World Block Art

Salient features of the Mini World: Block Art

  • Giant sandbox world: Explore a vast sandbox world with a variety of unique monsters, blocks, materials, and mines.
  • Unique game: Nice graphics with cutely designed characters.
  • Multi-platform: Whether using an Android or iOS device or sitting in front of a computer, gamers can still play together.
  • 4 single-player and multiplayer: play games with friends or start a new world of your own.
  • Share your game with other players, or join players from around the world in their games.
  • 5 collections: Players can upload or download items in the collection, view the hottest MOD maps, game maps, or other people’s work.
  • 6 game modes: Survival mode, creative mode, or mini-games created by other players. You can enjoy the appeal of these games at any time.
  • 7 powerful game editors: Types of mini-games, from parkour to puzzles, FPS shooting or strategy are all created by the editor included in the Mini World: Block Art game application.

Mini World Block Art

Game modes

There are 4 modes for players to play in Mini World: Block Art

  1. Survival

In survival mode, players need to collect resources, build shelter, tools, and fight for survival. After having the resources, go explore the wildlife with your friends. Explore the vast cave, raise pandas in the bamboo forest or the black dragon war in the underworld. This easy-to-play mode is a great way to learn game mechanics and immerse yourself in the vast open world of adventure.

  1. Creation

Unlimited creativity. In this mode, players are provided most resources from the beginning to build anything you want. You can create a giant city, a glittering mountain resort full of bamboo, a giant castle in the air, or experience the fun of farming with a bunch of interesting fantasy creatures.

  1. Multiplayer

Connect to the server and play some fun mini-games developed by the community. Play parkour, puzzle, FPS, or strategy game. Play with or against friends.

  1. Community

Players can interact with other members. Download a map or share your own artwork for the world.

Mini World Block Art

Mini World: Block Art is an open world-building game with cute graphics and fascinating free-to-explore gameplay. If you want to find something new in the sandbox game genre like Minecraft, then don’t be afraid to try Mini World: Block Art.

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