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Uploaded: November 28th, 2017
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Metal Wings: Elite Force is a free action game, which was released on Android and iOS. The mod version is available on our website and you can download it now.

Metal Wings: Elite Force Mod APK Unlimited Money Latest/Update

Metal Wings: Elite Force will give you familiar feeling that it possess the similar gameplay to Contra game – one of the legendary game titles many years ago. Background game is selected in the future, in which the world is attacked by the dangerous robots. You will control the warrior who is armed at the strongest and join the journey to find and destroy the enemy.

Metal Wings: Elite Force Mod has a simple horizontal screen graphics that you can control the character moving forward or backward, jumps up or bends down to avoid enemies. The main character of the game is equipped with a powerful gun. At the basic level, you can upgrade your ammo by picking up support items in the game. The ammunition of the gun is unlimited. But with other guns, you should use them properly in each mission of the game.

Metal Wings: Elite Force has a large map and is divided into small lands. You will be traveling through the jungle with poisonous spiders and robot-wolves or be exploring the desert with a variety of dangerous robots. The land in the game will be unlocked in turn when you complete the required level.

The sound in Metal Wings: Elite Force is not so impressive, but it still simulates the sound of guns, collisions, and explosions enough for the players to feel excited.

Boss battle is one of the most interesting aspects of the game. Metal Wings: Elite Force brings a lot of giant and dangerous bosses. They have different skills to attack and deal big damage to players. Each boss will have 10 blood bars, your mission is to shoot and knock them down to receive great rewards. Use the Gold after the game to upgrade or unlock the character. You can also buy new guns to replace the basic gun.

Metal Wings: Elite Force Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Removed the License check

How to install:

  • Uninstall the play store version (original game)
  • If you played with the mod before, you can install the new version over it.
  • Download APK file (Modded)
  • Normal install

Q and A:

  • Google+ login possible? No.
  • Facebook login possible? Yes. But you should remove your facebook app from the device.
  • Specific game account login possible (for example HIVE)? Yes.

Key features of Metal Wings: Elite Force:

  • Classic gameplay is similar to Contra.
  • Many different tasks and lands.
  • Impressive HD graphics.
  • Many characters for you.
  • Unlock new guns.
  • Fight and defeat bosses to get big rewards.

Metal Wings: Elite Force mod version (Unlimited Money) is available right below and you can download the game completely free now.


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