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Metal Soldiers 2 is a wonderful strategy game for players who want to look for adventure as in the legendary Contra game. This is a game has just been released by Play365 on May 8th on two app stores are AppStore and Play Google. You will be able to find the familiar feeling of the Contra that experience new features and play with more variety. Let’s explore the new features and interesting points of Metal Soldiers 2 version for Android in this article.
We bring for you the mod version of Metal Soldiers 2 – The new shooting strategy game in 2017.

Metal Soldiers v2.15 2 Mod APK update the latest version

When you log in the game, you will be given a character and equip your character with the armor, weapons, and necessities to start the journey. Our mission is passing obstacles, destroy enemy troops, dark forces. The obstacles will appear continuously on your way. You have to manipulate the clever character to be able to overcome them and to destroy monsters and enemies on the way. Through each level of the game, we will receive the big bonus and attractive gifts. The game round becomes more and more difficult when we get past them.
We are not only attacking the enemy encounters on the road but also have to fight tanks, even difficult fighters. These tanks and planes can attack us very dangerous. Therefore, players need to prepare good weapons and use their skills to kill them and pass the game round.
Metal Soldiers 2 weapon system is very varied, and we will be able to select the character’s equipment before entering the game, even while playing the game, the character can pick up the weapon and unlock it then use them immediately. The different types of guns have their own power characteristics, the stronger the gun, the more expensive the gun is.
It can be said that this game is not too difficult to meet, players only need to move the character to the right and control the character to perform the dance moves, run fast, shoot to pass the game. And we will not spend too much time getting used to the style of Metal Soldiers 2.

How to install Metal Soldiers 2 Mod?

  • Download APK file that we have provided
  • Uninstall the current version of this game on your device (If installed before)
  • Install APK normal
  • All done!

Main features Metal Soldiers 2 Mod:

  • Classic and exciting gameplay.
  • Many different missions.
  • Lots of opponents designs.
  • Select your favorite character and join in the adventure
  • Lots of different weapons.
  • Mod full money and unlock all content

Metal Soldiers 2 is an attractive game to gamers! Download your mobile game to experience this great game as well as the unique new features of Metal Soldiers 2. You can download Metal Soldiers 2 Mod APK free for Android right now. Have fun!


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