Merge Dragons!

Merge Dragons – Adventure game in dragon kingdom

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Merge Dragons – Adventure game in dragon kingdom

Merge Dragons is an engaging puzzle adventure game, where you have the task of restoring magic land, harnessing the power of dragons, solving all the fun puzzles and building farms to nurture your uncle cute dragon.

Once upon a time, in a distant world, there was a vast abandoned land. The magical power of your people is the only hope to restore everything. As its name suggests, the Merge Dragons are a fusion of everything – from dragon eggs, trees, treasures to stars, magic flowers… even combining dragons together to create something new. What will you discover in this vast world?

Merge Dragons!

Nestled among the clouds is the rich Dragonia valley. The evil Zomblins threw a hole into the valley. The only hope to heal this land is based on the power of combining your everything from dragon eggs, trees, treasures, stars, to magic flowers and mature dragons. Everything interactive and help you overcome mysterious puzzles.

Not only adventure in the open world, players also have to solve puzzles to rescue the abandoned land. Combine eggs to hatch dragons and restore inherent peace. The puzzling tables in Merge Dragons are your chance to shape Gaia statues and win, then collect bonuses and bring them back to Dragon Camp.

Merge Dragons!

Merge Dragons gameplay is quite rich, it is a journey to discover legendary dragons, spells, missions and mysterious lands. Your mission is to combine things together to make a good thing!

Merge Dragons offers more than 500 items and artifacts. The mysterious dragons you collect will help you in your journey. Match and merge them to evolve them into even more wonderful creatures. The game offers over 600 quests and in over 100 repeating levels, you will fight to collect bonuses and save the magical land of dragons. Come to Merge Dragons and start your exciting journey.

Merge Dragons!

Main features of Merge Dragons:

*Merge objects:

– Discover more than 500 items to pair and interact with.

– Feel free to drag objects around the beautiful world and merge 3 of the same types to evolve them into something better.

– Pair almost everything: trees, houses, coins, treasures, stars, mysterious creatures …

– Life Essense integration and touch it to release energy to fill the gap.

– Discover Gaia statue trapped in cursed land in each level. Join them to solve that sentence and create life.

– Evolution of dragons

*Collect new dragon breeds:

– Discover more than 17 dragons that live in the valley and evolve them through 8 levels of growth to create new dragons.

– Merge the eggs to hatch out useful dragons that will roam the valley and harvest objects for you to pair.

– Construction of farms

*Challenging puzzles:

– Over 600 tasks that challenge your brain.

– Test the ability to solve problems in more than 140 levels of difficulty filled with new missions and rewards to help you build dragon farms.

– Discover hidden levels. Can you find them?

– In your puzzle journey, you can go through the path of Zomblins. Be careful!

*Build camp

– Evil mist has occupied the main camp, fight the fog and heal the land to restore and retrieve the dragons home!

– Collect dragon eggs, hatch them in the main camp and search for dragons to fight the evil fog.

What will you discover when combining things on the farm and nurturing dragons? Download the game now and experience it.





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