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It’s a well-worn cliche that a picture paints a thousand words, but what if your images could sing those words too? Melodist might not be able to blast out a few bars, but it’s halfway there, turning each of your snaps into a unique tune.
These aren’t just random note collections thrown at an image either. There’s a clever process to this melody-making malarky, one that means the resulting tune elegantly fits with its underlying image. Once you’ve selected the snap you want to convert into audio form, Melodist will analyze all of the image’s brightness, saturation, and hue changes, transforming these visual elements into scales, modes and chord progressions. Melodist turns your images into bespoke tunes. The result is a bespoke audio track for every image, with these melodies possessing an almost lullaby-inspired quality. One that brings added depth and emotion to your static shots.

While the tinkling tones might all sound familiar at first, throw a few images at the app and you’ll soon hear the difference. With dark, gloomy shots offering up slower, sharper sounds, bright, vibrant images are accompanied by upbeat, flowing and warming tunes.
All, however, will raise a smile and make it hard to look at a sound-free snap again without humming your own tune.

Key features:

  • 3 splendid animation effects
  • 5 high-quality tones
  • Play speed adjustable
  • Sleep Timer
  • Exporting music into audio, video or MIDI file for sharing

Currently, the Android version of the app is being developed and will be coming out soon, and we will update the link as soon as it’s available.



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