Maze 3D: Gravity Labyrinth

Uploaded:January 13th, 2018
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Maze 3D: Gravity Labyrinth is a new brain-teasing game for the Android platform, where you’ll discover a world of fantasy with endless labyrinths and moving through various lands. Google Play is available for $ 2.99, but you can download it for free when using the apk file we provide below.

Maze 3D Gravity Labyrinth APK for Android

Maze 3D: Gravity Labyrinth is not the same as the puzzle game you have seen before, it has a different gameplay. In the game, you control a ball with the task of moving and balancing on them Floating suspended in the sky. If the ball falls, the game will be ended. The controls in the game are very simple. You will use four left-hand navigation keys to move the ball, use the right-hand jump key to jump over the obstacles or jump over the space on the Movement, obstacles appear randomly on the way. You need to quickly handle them if you do not want the game to end.

What do you know about pyramids and ancient mysteries? The Egyptian world has always hidden things we have never explored, Maze 3D: Gravity Labyrinth will take you on a journey through a maze in the pyramid with many unexpected and challenging traps. Can you pass the maze and reach the end of the journey?

Additionally, to move through different terrains, players need to collect golden coins, which appear on the way. You can use them to upgrade characters and buy items to aid in the game. Regarding visuals and sound, Maze 3D: Gravity Labyrinth mod has impressive 3D graphics, with labyrinths built seamlessly and painstakingly, with three different terrains the player must overcome. The change in each place you have to move through. The music in the game is also good with the background music players.

Features of the Game:

  • New and addictive gameplay.
  • Three different lands to explore.
  • Impressive 3D graphics and high-quality background music.
  • Move the ball to the finish line and complete the ordeal.
  • Easy to navigate with intuitive and user-friendly interface


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