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Math Jutsu 2: Elemental MOD APK for Android

Math Jutsu 2: Elemental is an interesting game on Android, which allows you to play and practice fast reflexes. You will play a ninja, start the adventure to defeat the monster and kill the evil dragon by answering fast and correct calculations. You can easily search for educational games on the Play Store, they often combine learning with leisure activities. However, these games often do not attract a lot of players because they are often too knowledgeable while having little fun, and of course not attractive. The same is an educational game, but with Math Jutsu 2: Elemental is different. The game Math Jutsu 2: Elemental is very simple.At the beginning of the game, you will see a pretty ninja guy preparing to enter the adventure adventure.On the way, he encountered many difficulties when encountering the monsters, fire flames, dragons ice dragon … In order to fight them, he must quickly answer the calculation, give accurate results .  For each calculation, the player has four options to choose from and if you make a mistake then the game over. Or, in case you still can not give an answer as you move closer to the monster’s location or hit the dragon’s attack, the game will end and you have to play again.

The initial calculations are simple but they will be more complicated later that will take you a long time to think, sometimes some calculations fool the player so that you can easily get wrong if you do not pay attention. As the game requires speed, you can simply calculate or sometimes use tips to get results faster.As such, playing this game more, your computing power will improve. Math Jutsu 2: Elemental is a way for players to improve their math skills. Highly educational games help you learn while playing. In terms of graphics, the game is designed with pixel-like graphics, so it’s not as sharp as the 3D games you’ve seen. In addition, the game does not even have background music.In return, the background images of the game are sometimes changed to match the corresponding elements such as a storm, volcano … help players feel not boring.

Math Jutsu 2: Elemental key features:

  • Simple 8-bit graphics
  • Challenges that players can conquer
  • Share your score




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