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Match 3 Amazon PRO APK (Mod Money) for Android

Match 3 Amazon PRO has intellectual features like Bejeweled 2, Bejeweled 3, etc. The game brings you more exciting experience. This is an improved version with more beautiful graphics, more attractive features, which make the game more fun and satisfied. Match 3 Amazon PRO was developed and promoted by Qplaze Games. The diamond game genre has been for a long time. But it has always received a lot of attention and downloads. However, the old versions have brought a lot of boring to the player. The new version will bring a lot of new experiences, and more attractive to gamers. With Match 3 Amazon PRO, you will be exploring the mysterious Amazon forest through each stage.

Game guideline

Match 3 Amazon PRO has many doors, from easy to difficult levels, and many challenges that players need to overcome. For new players, the door no. 1 will be directed system specific instructions with the message displayed on the screen. You only need to follow those instructions to be able to complete the tasks. On the screen, there is a table of many pearls and arranged in a random manner. The game is very familiar and simple, players only need to move a gem to join at least 3 same color pearls to gain points.
In this game, there are more attractive features than the old version of diamond games. When you stack 4 or 5 jewels in the same row, you will get different strengths. The players can receive when destroying four or more pearls at the same time are:

  • Break 2 horizontal rows at the same time.
  • Break 2 vertical rows simultaneously
  • Break the two vertical and horizontal lines together in a plus sign.
  • Break 3×3 group.

When using the features on the player will score many times higher than normal. So you should use your intelligence to be able to gain the best point.
Each of the different doors in Match 3 Amazon PRO will have a challenge, requiring the user to reach the achievement. When you complete each challenge, you will be awarded points and assessed at different star levels. If you play well, you will get 3 stars. Star allows players to compete with their friends.
Especially, at each door, the game will limit the number of moves. If you use all the moves, but you do not overcome the challenge, you will lose. Therefore, the players need to use their intelligence, quick response to performing the most effective moves.

Interface, display, features

At the top of the screen, the game will clearly show the player the score, the maximum number of moves in a gate, and the progress achieved to reach 3 stars. During the game, you can completely pause if you are so stressful or have no idea about the next move properly. After many doors, players will be donated or can buy more utilities such as the exchange of jewels, bombs…
If the player cannot find a way to change the position of the jade for a long time, the system will send a hint.
Match 3 Amazon PRO supports Facebook social networking so that players can compete with their friends. The stages will be displayed as a journey formation. You can track how many levels that your friends are, it also displays their points and stars.
The points accumulated behind the levels will help players to climb up high in the rankings and compete with other players in the world.

Graphics, sound

Graphic Design of Match 3 Amazon PRO is very real with many jungle scenes, classic style. The sound includes background music and other sounds when pearls create the combo or move bring more attraction to players. The vivid sound helps the player not feel bored in the process of conquering the challenge.


If you are a fan of traditional diamond games, you should try the Match 3 Amazon PRO (Mod APK), which includes many new and attractive features.


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