Massive Warfare Apk Mod 2

Massive Warfare: Aftermath – Free Tank Game

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Experience The Action Game “Massive Warfare: Aftermath”

Massive Warfare Apk Mod 2
Massive Warfare: Aftermath is a large-scale multiplayer war game on mobile of TinyBytes, where you can fight against the whole world by using tanks, warships and helicopters in PvP battles online. Fighting takes place on the ground, sea and air. You will live in the thrill of battle in the Third Person Shooter experience.

Massive Warfare Apk Mod 2
This is a war between powerful war vehicles. Control tanks, warships or helicopters and confront your enemies. Upgrade your fighting machine, cause an explosion with a helicopter, equip solid armor tanks, customize air cushion ships to a large destroyer and dominate the battlefield with your strength and tactics.

Massive Warfare Apk Mod 2

Even if you have the best weapons, don’t underestimate your opponents. This is a survival war and mistakes will have terrible consequences. Beware of planes that drop bombs on the battlefield and make sure you disguise your fighting machines.
Massive Warfare is a new mobile battle game for now, it has PvP online multiplayer mode, in which your goal is to shoot down enemy vehicles and lead the rankings, the battle is played. out on the ground, the sea and the sky, you will have a completely new experience in the battlefield with a third perspective that brings a comprehensive perspective both front and back, making interaction and tactics be richer with higher improvability.

As usual, at the beginning of the journey you will be guided to learn the basics of controlling and familiarizing yourself with the situation, how to control the tank, how to shoot, and more. . This tutorial also guides you through the upgrade system. Move easily with the left joystick controller with the right shot button. The target lock function allows fixed aiming to better support when the target moves, finally some items are displayed in the form of an easy-to-use button when picking a simple operation in combat. .
In Massive Aftermath war game your main goal is to shoot down the car as much as possible. You will be rewarded with valuable rewards such as EXP, cash and inventory to upgrade and retrofit your fighting machines. Along with it is the vip function that allows unlocking some additional effects for your machine, online store from NPH also helps somewhat for the upgrade to become easier, in addition to earn exp , gold through the in-game advertising watch function.

Tips for playing you can focus more on speeding up your machine, and attacking this attribute helps determine the rate of damage to the enemy, trying to shoot down as much as possible to pick up the items that are on the battlefield, and run quickly if the target of your shooting has not been determined. The game has many outstanding features that are:
– Act and start fighting immediately.
– Easy to learn with intuitive touch controls.
– 20 combat vehicles including: tanks, helicopters and air cushion ships.
– 15 motifs and threads you customize the vehicle.
– Select 28 different help items.
– 3 unique battles arenas.
– 2 modes to play. They are Free for All and Team Deathmatch.
– 4v4 tactical battle.
– Unlock new tanks and make tactical decisions in upgrading.
– Show the enemy who you are by customizing the tank with decals and motifs.
– Dominate multiplayer online battles
– Depth development system: unlock and explore 5 levels of tanks.
– Supplies tanks contain powerful technologies to enhance combat capabilities.
– 2 control options: automatic or manual aiming.
– Continuous updates and graphical improvements, optimized for multiple devices.
– Play online with friends or confront gamers across the globe.
– Ranking global PvP with many attractive rewards.
– In-game chat and chat features in Clan.
– Clan function allows players to link and invite friends to play online.
– Help allies in Alliance Wars to win valuable weekly rewards.
If you like MOBA and MMO action games, want to feel the fierce fighting atmosphere in the arena with upgradable war machines, then Massive Warfare: Aftermath is for you. Fight against the whole world.

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