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Marvel Contest of Champions is developed by Kabam Studio, which is a free fighting game on iOS and Android. The game is featuring Marvel comic-book of superheroes, bringing players to the fight between the Marvel superheroes to become “king of the champions“. However, the road to the highest position is not easy.

Nowadays, mobile games are getting better both in terms of content and graphics quality, but the huge success of survival games such as ROG, PUBG or Fortnite reduces the fame of other game. However, if you are bored with survival games or MOBA games, we would like to introduce you to a new entertaining game, and it can certainly satisfy you both in terms of entertainment and graphics. It is the Marvel Contest of Champions. Especially, those who are fans of Marvel should not miss this game.


The Marvel Universe has always been an endless source of superheroes for producers exploit. The context of the Marvel Contest of Champions is developed based on the multi-universe battle with the participation of all the heroes in the world Marvel such as Spiderman, Ironman, Hulk, Deadpool… The gamer will simulate to a servant of The Collector (who has appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy) and possesses his own superheroes for fighting with the other players to become the strongest man in the universe. The battle in the game takes place in the form of 1vs1 opposition, in which the players can choose a superhero to start fighting with opponents and find ways to win.

Game Modes:

Marvel Contest of Champions has four game modes, including Story Quest, special events (events Quest), to receive special gifts, for example, the Thanos Event as the famous movie, Infinity War, 2 remaining are Versus, and Alliance Mode. In particular, the most interesting is probably Versus. In which, you can play online with other players to participate in the ranking and receive the amazing gifts.

The gameplay is not too complicated or can be said to be simple and easy to get used to, in which the player just touches the right side of the screen to attack, press and hold the left side of the screen to defend, swipe from left to right to move faster, swipe from right to left to back/dodge attacks … Through each attacking or defense phase, the superhero’s Mana bar will be added. When it is filled, each hero has its own special skill. However, their common point is making the great damage to the opponent.

Beautiful 3D graphics, impressive gameplay

The game has very beautiful 3D graphics when the characters and attacks are very well reproduced and can perfectly satisfy the most Marvel fans. Especially when each character performs the skill, you will feel overwhelmed like watching a real superhero movie. However, the game also has a minus point that the game is online so the game requires a stable internet connection to bring the best experience. Therefore, it will make the phase of the slow loading condition or quickly low battery.

The interesting part of the game is that players can get trophies after every battle including Battle chips, character upgrades, or superhero/evil gems. Therefore, the more you fight and win, the more powerful your army will be. Besides, no character is perfect so each superhero has weak points. You should know how to choose the character before each match to limit the strength of the opponent. Marvel Heroes: The Contest of Champions has the following mutual opposition relationship: Cosmic → Skill → Tech → Mutant → Science → Mystic → Cosmic.

How to download Marvel Contest of Champions Mod APK?

MARVEL Contest of Champions is free to play on Android. However, the game contains IAP packages that require players to use real money if they want to buy items in the game. If you are playing the game for fun and do not want to spend money, we bring you the mod version of this game. There are currently 3 different versions that you can choose (only install one of 3 sessions that we provide):


  • Only God Mode (No AI Attack/ the enemy does not attack)


  • God mode (No AI Attack/ the enemy does not attack)
  • 1 Hit Damage
  • Remove chapter restrictions
  • Remove checks for memory editors


  • God Mode (No AI Attack/ the enemy does not attack)
  • Skill is always active
  • No opponent’s rebound
  • No shuffle

As a game requiring constant network connectivity, the mod unlimited Battle chips in the MARVEL Contest of Champions is not available. You can only use other mod features to easily win the game. Here are instructions on how to install the mod version of the game.


Overall, despite having debuted a long time ago, the attraction of the Marvel Contest of Champions has not stopped. The game is consistently in the top rankings of the hottest and highest revenue games on mobile devices. If you are a difficult fan of the Marvel world, this is definitely a game that you should not miss. It is great to control, collect, and possess the favorite characters. Marvel Contest of Champions is currently available for free on both Android and iOS. We offer you the download link below. Wish you have great gaming time!


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