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Nintendo is trying to develop its mobile game with the Mario Kart racing game for the iOS and Android operating system. Recently, after a very long waiting time, Nintendo has finally announced the development of a Mario Kart version for the iOS and Android operating system, while there is no information about the version for the Android operating system. The full name of this new title is Mario Kart Tour and the old characters will remain the same.

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The Japanese game company also stated that the launching time for the game is over the next 13 months. It means that the game will be available before March 2019. So this will be the first time that Mario Kart on a smartphone. As per Mario Kart reviews on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3ds and Nintendo Switch, this racing game is fun and popular.

However, it is not explicit that the gameplay will be different from the console version or not. In addition, Nintendo is trying to develop its mobile gaming business. For example, some previous titles, Pokemon Go or Mario Run, gained great attention, though they were not as successful as they had been expected.

However, hopefully, Mario Kart Tour will bring a surprise to the player and Japanese gaming developer.


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