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Magic Spire- Unique military strategy game

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Magic Spire- Unique military strategy game

Magic Spire is a strategy game that builds a unique and new army in the style of Lords Mobile on mobile. The game gives players a monumental atmosphere about the legend of King Arthur being reproduced in a dramatic playground on mobile.

Join now for a unique real-time MMO playground on Android called Magic Spire to experience the fascinating and lively tactical space. The game possesses epic transmission quite nicely about the fighting between forces to scramble for the throne. The sudden death of King Arthur caused the throne to have no successor. The kingdom became chaotic because the other powers in the kingdom were staring at this fat person, so be ready for the battles to conquer the medieval kingdom in the Magic Spire.

Magic Spire

Magic Spire game was developed in MMO style, bringing many similarities with Game of War, Vikings: War of Clans and some other classic strategy games. Entering the playing field in the Magic Spire on Android, the player’s mission is to raise the dragon and build a powerful army in the game to restore Excalibur and become the King. Take power and win when traveling and conquer enemies on the way. In addition, players can chat, support and exchange with other players around the globe.

In the new role of the Avalon kingdom, your mission is quite heavy and must cover many areas such as economy, military, research and development. Initially, the works were built quite quickly but the later the completion time will last longer depending on the type of construction and the level of upgrading. Or you can use gold to complete an immediate build or Token accelerates after every PvE battle.

Magic Spire

In the context of war broke out everywhere in the kingdom. You and your allies need to be prepared to step into battles. Build a strong base and push up the army because you’re not the only one to keep an eye on the throne. But remember, no one can survive on their own without the help of others. Gather the people you trust to create a solid ally and fight enemies in GvE, PvP battles, etc.

A legendary mass destruction weapon in that game is your dragon. Try to train them to support you in battles. Besides, the simple translation feature gives thousands of players the world of chat space together in real time. Players need to map out the necessary and appropriate strategies through studying and mastering devastating skills. Mastering when is appropriate for defense and attack.

Magic Spire

Highlights of Magic Spire PC is a large-scale battle with the presence of extremely powerful dragon forces. The player will be completely subdued by flying, fire or fighting dragons and other military forces.

With a strong playing field of epic, the game possesses a unique monster system with excellent HD graphics to bring the experience not to be missed for gamers. With excellent graphics and rich item system, Magic Spire for Windows gives you unprecedented and unique gaming hours!

This game is completely free for players to download and play. However, some items in the game may require players to pay with real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please choose a secure password to purchase on the Google Play Store application.






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