Mafia City

Mafia City

Uploaded:February 18th, 2020
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Mafia City

Mafia City is a genuine strategy mobile game about criminal underworld (mafia). Join and play with millions of other players around the world right now.

Mafia City is globally connected, regardless of skin color, language, or nationality. Regardless of who you are, join the competition to become a Godfather in this engaging strategy action RPG!

Your task is to form a gang, take part in raids, seize and purge between gangs, execute scams, and compete for the supreme King of Mafia.

Mafia City belongs to the category of hardcore games that let you dig deep into the life of the mafia. Enter the struggle for power and fulfill your “alpha” dream. The game is so good and addictive that you cannot stop playing.

Mafia City

Salient features of the game Mafia City:

  1. 3D Unity 3D graphics, unique gaming screen

Zoom feature, 360-degree rotation with beautiful images, almost virtual reality environment.

  1. Direct gathering strategy

– Side by side in the gang to confront the enemy and the blood battle if words do not work.

– Set up Clan forces and awaken hidden talents.

– If you do not crush the enemy, they will crush you tomorrow.

Mafia City

  1. Only one server worldwide 

– There is only one server worldwide with a professional translation system is capable of translating all languages ​​into one language

– Regardless of social background and reputation in society, here only the juniors and loyalty.

– Rule the juniors everywhere. Settle on the coast and aim east and into the world, uniting gangs.

Mafia City

  1. Four main features and dozens of party equals are waiting for you to convene:

– The mercenaries that for them, conflict is life.

– The gunmen are capable of using all kinds of weapons, from submachine guns, rifles for artillery and more.

– The carrier is in charge of transporting tons of heavy locomotives, moving as fast as lightning, robbing and cleaning things up. Surely this force will be a nightmare for all thugs.

– Vehicles can be modified, from a minivan to a military Hummer.

  1. New features:

– High-class weapons.

– Royal city: The winner can name their opponent.

– New sounds and special effects.

– Optimize and adjust the content

– Optimization of parts of the interface: Updated interface.

Mafia City

  1. Edit the content

– Fixed an issue that caused your gold to be deducted more when accepting a Clan Collaboration Task.

– Fixed an issue where a login could not be logged during the Mafia’s Octofinals conflict.

A bit of the Grand Theft Auto series, but instead of evolving into an action-adventure style, Mafia City has strategic role-playing combining simulation. You will form a gang, pillage, occupy territory, and create a chaotic war between the factions. Many plots and plans have been devised to take the throne of King of Mafia in the city.

Mafia City

Game Mafia City quite realistic simulation of the modern city glowing with flags and flowers. But hidden behind that flashy cover is the rapid development of rival gangs. As the leader of a gang, players will join the other brothers in a series of looting, shooting, racing to realize their dream of becoming hegemony.

The game possesses fast-paced and continuous, every day a lot of confrontations arise, forcing you to prepare good forces, equip weapons and have the perfect strategy to win!

Get ready to enter a live, year-round and live battle because Mafia City is available for free for Android 2.3 and above devices. Join the game now!





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