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Mad Zombies – The best offline first-person shooter on mobile

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Mad Zombies – The best offline first-person shooter on mobile

Offline FPS game Mad Zombies lets you play an assassin that kills corpses. The player’s mission is to shoot and kill all zombies before they kill you.

Built with the same story as other zombie games, the whole world in Mad Zombies is booming with deadly disease, turning healthy people into zombies and the apocalypse. Some healthy people are trying to regain control by fighting to destroy the corpse. But the zombies are getting bigger and more dangerous. Will this fierce battle end in victory or is the world invaded by zombies? It all depends on you – one of the survivors dubbed the zombie killer.

MAD ZOMBIES : Offline Zombie Games

The target of the player is the soulless but extremely aggressive and bloodthirsty zombies. They are no longer human. All are dead but can go, run and attack you. Don’t despise and consider it foolish because they have a squad and know how to fight in battle. Besides, they have the ability to spread and grow very quickly.

In Mad Zombies, zombies appear everywhere. They walk on village roads, between cities, on car routes or in factories. Therefore, in order to have an advantage in the battle, you need a strategy to destroy them all. Headshot shots will take the enemy down immediately and help save more bullets. But you also need to shoot as fast as possible because if you let them get close, you will die.

Mad Zombies is in shooting games offline with lots of attractive features, you will have interesting experiences if you are a fan of shooter or Zombie board.

MAD ZOMBIES : Offline Zombie Games

Highlights of Mad Zombies game:

– The zombie types in Mad Zombies:

In this 3D playground, shooter needs to determine the exact target because zombies appear from anywhere, of many ages and have different abilities. All are crazy and want to kill anyone alive. In addition to the usual zombies, you also face some extremely crazy and difficult boss to destroy. There are always zombies appearing to kill you. They often show up in new places and lands.

– Addictive gameplay

Shooting game has a simple gameplay but difficult to become a high player. It requires players to have excellent marksmanship, headshot skills and reasonable tactics. Complete missions, get bonuses and good equipment to destroy more dangerous zombies, defend the territory and win. Pay attention not to let me make any mistakes otherwise you will die with just one scratch.

– Realistic 3D effects and graphics

Players will feel authentic when participating in this sniper game. Every movement and effect is very interesting. Beautiful graphics, own style.

– Powerful weapons

Guns can be customized and upgraded with many different parts. Many types of guns for players to choose, each with its own features and parameters, you can customize it according to your needs as well as with each different type of Zombie in the game. Special effects give you more powerful gun feel and more effective shooting.

– Tasks and achievements

Complete missions and objectives to get high in the rankings and unlock more modern items. Conquer the target, become the last living warrior. A lot of achievements, valuable rewards are waiting for players to conquer.

MAD ZOMBIES : Offline Zombie Games

Mad Zombies game gives you a realistic FPS experience through more than 200 interesting missions, with different situations and in many areas. This is the best shooting game you can’t miss. Besides, the game will be updated every week, adding more features and improvements to bring the best experience.




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