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Luna Chronicles R is a game from Masangsoft, which is developed with the gameplay of horizontal screen moving and familiar turn-based style from the J-RPG game series. Luna Chronicles R is currently being soft-launched in certain zones of the Google Play store for Android users.

Luna Chronicles R APK (Mod) download for Android

The storyline of the game: After the Twilight of the Gods. only one of the men and women survived. The two gods gave new life to dried Igdrashill and rebuild the shattered world. The two gods gave birth to four sons, the first one Panther, the second Nacoon, the Third Derotooth and the four Telaras. And in order to honor all the life of the dead, Helleshiet was built and created a new life. The third Derotooth, who asproted to become the sole creator of the throne, killed two parents and fought with three siblings. In the course of the battle, Helleshielt Temple was destroyed and three siblings sealed Derotooth on the moon.

After this, the human being can feel the existence of Mana’s presence in the unknown force of the moonlight, regardless of the gods. Centuries passed after this event…

The mod version of Luna Chronicles R will be provided upon completion.

Luna Chronicles R – A great RPG Mobile game that you should try

The context of Luna Chronicles R takes place in a fantasy world with innumerable races and creatures that only appear in the legend. You will go on a journey to find the truth about the dark moon. With a rich and varied character system, players can freely pick up the most powerful warriors and arrange them to form an ideal team with full roles.

The combat mechanics of the game is quite simple, most of which are automatically typed. There is only the character’s skill depending on the player’s control. You will have to decide the order of skill implementation to battle. You can maximize damage and reduce blood while battling for your team. In addition, Luna Chronicles R has the beautiful 3D graphics are designed in the Anime style, which will create a familiar feeling to the player.

In addition to the PvE gameplay mode, the game lets you immerse yourself in the epic journey of the characters. Or participate in the arena, to compete with other players, try to get very high rankings and get valuable rewards.

Key features of Luna Chronicles R:

  • An interesting story about a fantasy world
  • Select different classes and participate in exciting adventures
  • Various game modes
  • Unlock and upgrade the equipment, increasing the power of your heroes
  • Nice 3D graphics
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Luna Chronicles R Mod features:

  • Updating…

According to our information, Luna Chronicles R is only available on the Play Store, Android users can download the game via the link below, we bring you the apk file of the latest version ofLuna Chronicles R for Android. Have fun!


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