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Love You to Bits is a fun and emotional game takes you to the peaceful world away from all the real temptations and desires. Today there are a lot of titles for us to feel the ultimate excitement, to spin in the wars, crazy between guns and swords. But there are also names that point to more meaningful things, let us sit and feel an emotional journey, let us meditate before the story touches the heart – This is Love You to Bits. In which players will be walking on a colorful adventure journey with many cute characters. But the hidden behinds a story is the struggle for love. Download Love You to Bits Full APK + data for Free at APKgalaxy then experience one of the best mobile games right now 😉

Love You to Bits APK+OBB for Android [Latest]

Love You to Bits takes us to the story of a stupid boy named Kosmo fall in love with Nova. There would be nothing special if Nova was not a robot girl with nothing but metal body … But ignoring everything, they still have great moments together. Up until one day, the ship where the Kosmo and Nova were suddenly attacked by an unknown army. In an attempt to save the two men from danger, Nova creates a “pit” that draws all the other armies into distant space. But before it disappears, the enemy still releases the last missile, blowing Nova’s body into pieces. Suffering, but stupid Kosmo stubbornly decided to travel around the galaxy to find pieces of Nova, hoping to bring her back one day.

Innovative adventure gameplay:

Like Tiny Thief, the gameplay of Love You To Bits revolves around interacting with elements in the environment to find hidden objects. This game is very suitable for quiz players and young players. Love You to Bits brings a whole new dimension to puzzle solving, in which you have to take Kosmo through various obstacles to find Nova’s body. Without acting or fighting, Love You to Bits is a slow, gentle, but challenging journey of the brain. For example, right from the first game, you will be blocked by a giant creature with a piece of Nova lying in the belly. By observing the game screen, collecting the necessary items, you will find your way through and use the faucet to squeeze the fatty creature out.

At the first level, you will not have much difficulty but Love You To Bits also has challenges that require the higher thinking ability. If you are a fan of  Game of the year 2014: Monument Valley, you will probably feel familiar to the levels, which the manufacturer uses a visual hallucination to distract you. Each puzzle leads to different results, and each item has the effect to continue exploring the next level.

Throughout the puzzles of the game, players also have the option of collecting souvenir items. Each item that when brought back to the player will help Kosmo remember a beautiful memory with Nova. Sometimes it was a figure that Nova made of Kosmo, sometimes a necklace with a miniature black hole that Kosmo made himself. Somewhere in the game has interesting details that we have to laugh when unknowingly discovered, such as the Kosmo episode the skeleton with the red hat like Mario in the hole.

Throughout the game, everything is very light, calm … with Kosmo always brings silly moves and silly smiles on the lips. But it is the innocence that causes the player to take heart in front of a tireless journey to retrieve life for the girl he loves, a girl made of steel and machinery. The game seems to touch the eternal theme of life, where love has no barrier, no difference, no more damage… There is only love.

The control mechanism of Love You To Bits APK game is not so different from other point-and-click games. Specifically, you will touch the destination so that Kosmo moves and when you encounter an object that the character interacts with, you can pick up, activate, press and open the door … by touching the icon. Kosmo’s hands. There are no limits time or movement in this game, so you can enjoy the experience without having to pause or play again if the action is faulty. A minus point in this game is that sometimes the character moves slowly and you have to wait patiently.

Impressive and colorful graphics:

Along with the appeal content and gameplay, Love You To Bits also makes gamers love more, especially females because of fun animated graphics and background music. The cosmic scene, which is thought to be wild and cold, is now warmer with more bright colors. Although the shape of the small but with a big warm heart brings the sweeter story. With the context stretching across many different worlds, from distant planets to vast deserts or murky havens, the developers of the game take every opportunity to showcase the strength of the image. The game’s graphics make up the colorful animated characters as seen in Tiny Thief, as well as gorgeous cut-scenes. If you love mini-games such as Tiny Thief, gamers will not be disappointed in the massive game in Love You To Bits.

How to Download Love You To Bits APK for Android:

This game currently available on the Play Store for $ 3.99 but you can download the game completely free by the link that we provide below.  This is the detailed instructions for installing the game:

  1. Download Love You to Bits APK and OBB files, copy all of them to your device.
  2. Open the file manager and then find the APK file and install as normal.
  3. Data compression and copying follow SD Card/Android / OBB.
  4. Open the game and enjoy it right now ;).

Time to enjoy Love You to Bits

Love You to Bits brings gamers to the most exciting experiences, from space tournaments or discovering the objects buried by time and space, and deal with strange aliens. Tiny Thief has achieved tremendous success, received many sentiments of gamers in the world. So it is no surprise that Love You to Bits, a predecessor to Tiny Thief, is so highly regarded. Have fun!


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