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Uploaded: June 17th, 2017
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LOLO: Puzzle Game for Android is an addictive puzzle game which is currently released free on Google Play Store. It has simple graphics but its new gameplay will definitely make you feel excited.

LOLO : Puzzle Game Mod APK download for Android

In the game, the player’s tasks are very simple, which is gathering same coloured squares and place them together in a cell. This game will keep bringing up new challenges and different completions, which forces players to change their strategies to conquer all of the levels. LOLO: Puzzle Game for Android created by 101 Digital Co is available and free on CH Play.

LOLO: Puzzle Game mod apk for Android offers some exciting game modes. In regular mode, the player needs 300 stars to unlock it out. Spin mode challenges player with spiral-shaped blocks. Time mode limits time. Endless mode allows you to play as long as you like without caring about targets. Besides, LOLO has many other features. If players open the game daily, they will receive many random awards. If they log in regularly for a week, they will receive the biggest prize which is very helpful in difficult gameplay.

Now let’s dive into the settings menu, where players can choose from several available languages. You can also turn off game sounds and music here if you don’t want to be disturbed while playing. In the latest version, this puzzle game has updated the night mode, which will protect players’ eyes during the night time as they are playing it.

How to play:

  • Tap and collect same coloured squares, they must be at least three colors or more
  • Each square is 1 point and there are four primary colors
  • Try to increase point scores by combining as many squares as possible at the same time
  • Get 50 points for each colour so you will win
  • Players can see score of each colour right on the blocks of LOLO
  • Challenge friends on Facebook, take first place on the chart

Features of the game:

  • It is very easy to play
  • It is related to funny numbers and suitable for all ages
  • No limit on times you play
  • View your friends’ scores on Facebook
  • Global high score rankings
  • Compatible with all Android devices
  • Great music improves concentration
  • High image quality and resolution

Changes in the new and  free puzzle game LOLO: Puzzle Game for Android

With colorful graphics and simple gameplay, LOLO: Puzzle Game for Android not only helps you reduce stress but also improve your sensitivity. Let’s download LOLO: Puzzle Game mod APK for Android right now. Good luck.


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