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Uploaded: October 20th, 2017
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Logres: Japanese RPG is an interesting Japanese mobile game, which is highly rated in many mobile game charts in countries with more than 8 million downloads and topping the highest profit in Japan. Logres: Japanese RPG has quickly gained a lot of success and has received great attention from the Japanese gaming community with its anime and accessible graphics. Logres: Japanese RPG is a product of famous game studio Aiming Inc., the creator of more than 10 popular fantasy RPG in Japan. This is a very well-known turn-based game with over 15 different professions combined with extremely diverse equipment and weapons systems. Playing Logres: Japanese RPG, players can create their own different character models, suitable for beginners.

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Logres: Japanese RPG will take players to a strange world, the cradle of warriors. Here, as you said you will have 15 different classes to choose from. In addition to the tasks that follow the plot, the player will face enemies, monsters with other terrible powers. The battles in the game will take place in the form of turn-based, each character performs his attacks and skills each turn.

Similar to many other RPGs such as Sword Art Online Integral Factor, Tera M… In Logres: Japanese RPGs, players not only join the single player mode but also choose to party with their friends to do real-time co-op missions or coordinate combat in boss battles or raid. In particular, Logres: Japanese RPG also allows players to change up to five different weapons in the game, increasing the strategies that are limited to previous turn-based games.

Key features in Logres: Japanese RPG:

  • Over 15 different occupations for gamers.
  • The system is comparable to the six element types: fire – water – wind – earth – light – shadow.
  • A variety of weapons and equipment systems allow players to create their own fashion style and play style.
  • Bosses are extremely powerful and formidable for players to conquer.
  • Co-op real time with friends or with strangers through the auto-party system.
  • Make friends with the millions of online players in the game.
  • Touch the screen to control movement in the game.

Logres: Japanese RPGs have a familiar Turn-based gameplay, but the huge game content and diverse character systems, a streamlined list of missions and an engaging storyline make this a great choice. For those who love this type of game on mobile. Logres: Japanese RPG English version was officially released, you can download the game with the link we provide below.


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